Large Group Team Building Activities

Large Group Team Building Activities

Large Group Team Building Activities

Team Building works best when it is learned with experience hands on. The below-mentioned activities will enhance your job experience. These ideas are means to achieve organizational efficiency, but not the end in any manner. If one is looking to develop a team building activity, it is necessary that they discuss it with the group and as far as possible try to implement in the real life situations.

1. Body Surfing

body surfing

This is best done on soft grass. The group needs to lie down on the stomach with their arms outstretched or their face down. The first participant surfs up and rolls down to the left

2. Cookie Machine

cookie machine

The groups need to be arranged in two lines, and each member needs to stand in a line shoulder to shoulder and the lines facing each other which are apart 2 feet.

3. Alphabet Actors

alphabet actors

Divide the groups into 3 or 4. The leader calls out a letter and then the group members must form that letter using their bodies. One can have different groups spell out different words as well.

4. All Together

all together

You need to ask the group members to find a partner and pair up. The pair sits on the ground with their backs facing each other. The leader can mention that the partners cannot talk to each other to make the game a bit harder.

5. Broom Twizzle

broom twizzle

Arrange your group 8 to 12 people so that they are standing in a large circle. A volunteer goes in the center, strokes the broom 15 times and spins 15 times, and the group counts their turns.

6. Calculator


The objects should be numbered from 1 to 20 to make a calculator. The group must work together to create an initial plan, and it should be refined to improve their time. The group must start and finish on base.

7. Alien Invasion

alien invasion

Each of the participant have to capture aliens, and they will be released if the aliens drop the eggs on Mars without breaking them. This game should be played with multiple groups, and the participants are not allowed to move, but only talk.

All these exercises will help you develop a productive and cohesive team. You need to apply a trial and error formula to locate the lowest cost and the least time-consuming ones. This activity improves not only communication among the team members, but also presents some great memories.