The Secret to Making Your Free Time Worthwhile

The Secret to Making Your Free Time Worthwhile

The Secret to Making Your Free Time Worthwhile

Remember that all time saying that work with no play makes Jack a dull boy? Yes, it still applies up to date. Regardless of your position at work, we all need a break. Work hard, but play harder. Rest is as good as making the money.

What is good in making the money when you won’t be around long to enjoy it? Productivity increases with sufficient rest. It’s okay, you can take a break now.

However, free time can be tricky or a pain if you are clueless. The secret to making your free time worthwhile is making a plan. You can try living by a list for instance. This simply means, make a to do list of all the things you ever plan to do.

Mostly, these activities crop in your mind when you don’t have time to focus on them, but would definitely love to. Simply write them down, and the next time you are free, you would not be confused on how to manage your free time. Lists really save time.

Tips for a To Do List for Your Free Time

  • Physical activities like hiking, or volunteer work
  • Books you would like to read
  • Files that interest you online
  • Movies you want to watch
  • New recipes you want to try out

You know some people have a hard time spending time by themselves. It need not be that painful. You do not have to pick the phone and check on any available friends to hang out with in your free time. There is so much you can do on your own and make the free time worthwhile.

1. Read a Book

read a book

You don’t have to be a heaver reader to try this one. Fortunately, they don’t have to be hard copy books. Have a soft copy book in your phone, in case you get some free time; maybe stuck in traffic, or an appointment gone late, you can make the best of this time by reading a book. Spending at least 30 minutes every day reading a book is good for the soul.

2. Make Money

make money

Yes, you can make money in your free time. This is not necessarily by doing activities you don’t enjoy for the sake of money. If you love writing, you can be a freelance writer and make some good bucks out of such a passion.

3. Arrange Stuff

arrange the stuff

Be it a closet or documents, organizing is one way to make the best of your free time. This kind of organization will make your life easy when you need to refer to old bills, or maneuver through your closet. Again, you will save time.

4. Think About Your Life

think about your life

Occasionally, it is a good practice to look back on your life and do a self-analysis. You would be surprised how much you will learn about yourself. You can also use this time to brainstorm for amazing ideas.

There is so much you can do to make your free time worthwhile. At the end of the day, you need to be contended with how you spend your day. Time is precious, and once you lose it, it doesn’t come back. Be smart, and make it worthy, while it lasts. Do something that will add value, to yourself or society.