Are You Acting Like A Girl Boss Yet?

Are You Acting Like A Girl Boss Yet?

Are You Acting Like A Girl Boss Yet?

Whether you're a new business owner or you're still in full time employment and Dreaming a Life of starting your own thing, this post will more than likely be an eye opener for you. It took me a while to wake up to the fact that despite quitting the 9-5 to start my own business, I was still acting like an employee. I was still asking for permission to do things, I was still doubting my abilities to earn my own money and I was still looking to other people that I considered leaders, including my own coaches, to ask what they thought I should do in certain situations. 


Positive Thinking

I remember the afternoon I was asking my coach during a session about some big questions I needed to sort out (but ultimately knew what I needed to do) and she replied "Why are you asking me? What do you want to do about this Natalie? This is your business so you call the shots and there is no right or wrong around the decisions you make, so long as they are in line with your values." And there it was. It was a huge light bulb moment for me. 


Face the Change

This was my business. I was the boss. So why was I asking for someone else's advice on something that I could totally decide on by myself?. My entire life I have asked for permission to do things and have sought the approval of others. I was always unsure of myself and I was often worried about stepping on people's toes at work and in my New Relationships, constantly worrying about what people would think.


Tips to be Super Confident

Maybe it was my Mum's pushy parenting, maybe it's been all the years I've thought I've needed to be a 'good girl' or 'hard worker', but Starting My Own Business really opened my eyes to the fact that I was going to have to let that old mindset go and start putting myself and my values first. And whilst we can get, and at times need, support and a team and mentor as a business owner, we also need to remind ourselves that we're the boss so we have to make the big decisions, and that includes the things that we want to move forward with in our business, as well as when we take time off and how we structure our days (and yes it's OK to be kind to yourself and schedule time off in your business!)


Take Better Decisions

So are you acting like a girl boss yet? And when I say 'boss', I mean True Leader, creator and innovator you know you were born to be? Ultimately what I'm asking here is are you trusting yourself fully yet and really owning what you're doing, in life and in business? If not, what 'employee' habits do you need to drop so you can finally turn pro? It's time for you to really own your business. And it's time for you to stop asking for permission from others to do that. 


Change Your Life

Start acting like a girl boss, start cultivating trust in your decisions and begin to watch your whole business and life change for the better.