20 Witty Questions to Ask a Guy on Dates to keep Conversation Flowing

20 Witty Questions to Ask a Guy on Dates to keep Conversation Flowing

20 Witty Questions to Ask a Guy on Dates to keep Conversation Flowing

If you want to know more about your partner, you need to ask a lot of questions. Ensure that it should not look as if you are an invigilator or are enquiring him. For this, you need to have a certain flow where both of you will be comfortable.

Ask about his earlier life, which sort of personality he has and other questions which increase intimacy between you both. So let’s start the interesting questionnaire now.

1. Ask them about the early and the sweet memories which mean a lot to them before you entered his life.

2. You can even ask about the family trip and how they enjoyed in a particular location so that you can know the bond he has with the family.

3. There is nothing wrong to ask about their best friend. Find out how much importance he gives his friends.

4. Know more about his interests by finding out which books he reads the most and likes.

5. Ask about the best and the worst moments of his schooling.

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6. Tell about your embarrassing moment and also dare to find his.

7. Every one of us has done one or the other worst jobs in life. You can ask them about his worse job of life till now.

8. Know about his perception of the world and ask which problem bothers him more and why he is concerned about it.

9. Find out who is his favorite person with whom he wants to have lunch or want to spend some more time.

10. What is his favorite recipe to cook if he is given a chance?

11. The best movie of his life which he watched for many times and what he liked in it.

12. What does he likes to do on a holiday in every season? And how he enjoys doing the same?

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13. Ask him about the goals of his life on which he is working on now. You can even ask him about his biggest dream of life so that you can cooperate with him in the time of need.

14. What is he going to do if he got some lottery? Check whether he has clear means to spend the money he has or just spends lavishly.

15. It is always interesting to know about his crushes as well the heart-wrenching breakups.

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16. If you are intimate enough, you can even ask where he would like to take you for a perfect kiss.

17. Check if he has cheated any partner and his views about sex life.

18. To know much about the person, ask him what difference does sex and making love meant for him.

19. You can even ask him about what does he find the sexiest thing in the world? Whom does he like to adore?

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20. Take the advantage of the place where you are and you can even get some inspiration to ask some questions.

Instead of getting scared and making the day quiet boring, you can ask these questions and make your day more lively.