5 Tips for the Perfect Power Nap

5 Tips for the Perfect Power Nap

5 Tips for the Perfect Power Nap

Power napping is the short sleep after noon. Great people like Napoleon, John Kennedy, Leonardo da Vinci and Churchill loved power napping. It is proven that power nap reduces stress and helps to have more productive afternoon. Power nap is a very good way to fill up your batteries and to make you energetic. When we wake up from power napping our mind become refreshed and clean.

There is a need for a power nap in our life. Our brain need some rest and stop for a moment for the flow of information and after taking power nap mind become very active. It is said that a perfect power nap should not last for more than 20-30 minutes. If we sleep more we will find difficult to wake up. It has been found that power nap makes us more creative and more productive.

Ideal Time and Duration


Ideal time for the power nap is between 2 pm and 4pm .It should be just after lunch. The power nap should not be more than 20-30 minutes. As per research, for quick boost of alertness, experts say that 20-30 minutes power nap is adequate for getting back to work. It is very common to lie down and sleep for hours. Then it will not have any effect. We should put alarm to wake up when we have completed 30 minutes. 30 minutes of sleep is enough for relax. If we sleep more than that , you might feel headache and bad mood.

No Disturbances


To get the benefit of power nap, we should make sure that our sleep is without any disruption. For that we should lock the room where we will be sleeping and should switch off our mobile. If you don’t switch off your mobile, it may ring and you might not be able to take a proper nap. You should arrange the place where there is no disturbance when you will be taking the power nap. If there is any disturbance, you will not be able to sleep and you will not be able to get any benefit out of it.

Play Soothing Music

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You can play soft music in your room when you want to have power. Music plays a great role in relaxing our mind and body and help to have a better sleep. You should play the favorite piece of classical music in the back of your mind. Relaxing music has the power to put in the right state of mind.

Refresh yourself after the power nap


It is necessary to put some water on your face to after wake up from the power nap. It is advised to drink a glass of water and go out in the fresh air for a while. You will feel energetic and active. Your mind as well as brain will be refreshed.

Power nap helps to strengthen our consciousness, wakes our senses, and gives us energy and helps to take better decisions. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and improves our mood. It is not only strengthening our memory but also improves our productivity. Power nap can be a better choice for relaxing rather than coffee. It also reduces our stress and improves the functions of brains.