How to Take Better Decisions?

How to Take Better Decisions?

How to Take Better Decisions?

We make many decisions in our life. In each and every step of our life, we need to make decisions. From simple to crucial we need to make lots of decisions in our life. The decision making ability determines the personality of a person. Wrong decisions making can ruin our life while good decision making may prosper our life. Though decision making is a very difficult job, we can follow some techniques which might help us in taking better decisions.

Some of the guidelines for making better decisions are:

The Issue has to be Outlined

outline decision

To take a good decision, the issue has to be clearly outlined which helps to focus on the decision. Otherwise we will be distracted by other things. We should ask ourselves why we need to make these decisions. If we ask this question it helps us to understand the actions that we would like to take. Understanding the motive of taking decisions helps to avoid making bad decisions.

We need to Deal with our Emotions

deal with emotions

Our emotions make a great impact on our decision making. We should be able to identify and control our decisions. By being emotional and being rational, combination of these helps you to make better decisions. We should only include the emotions while taking decisions which have directly related to decision making. The negative emotions influence to make wrong decisions. If we are aware about our negative emotions, we can calm ourselves and to focus on our issues to take a good decision.

 We should not be Overloaded with Information

overloaded with info

Information is necessary to take a decision. But too much of information can have a adverse affect in our decision making. We should usually consider the recent information but not the past information. While considering the information, we should first prioritize the most important and relevant information to make our decision. If are thinking about our decision for a long time we should take a break to clear our mind. A refresh mind only can take better decisions.

 We Should Consider Multiple Options


We should have multiple options to make a decision. If we have choice we can give every choice a weight age based on their pros and cons. Multiple options helps you to choose the best option as per our problem. It also helps to make better decisions.

We should Remove Ourselves from the Decision


We cannot take a decision if we are involved in the situation. We should pretend we are not involved in the situation. We should consider the relationship from the perspective of both people involved in the relationship. Outside perspective always helps to keep our emotions controlled.

We should consider the risks and the benefits


We should consider both positive and negative things that may occur while taking a decision. We should think that how our decisions may affect other people associated with us. Every decision has positive and negative things. We should take a decision where good things outweigh the bad things. We should also understand that no decision will be a perfect one.

We should think about the best things as well as worst things which might happen if we take a decision. Considering both this aspects helps us to make better decisions.

While taking a decision we should avoid the common traps. We should be aware of our preferences and biases which can influence our decision making process. Based on our decision we should make our decisions. Once we make decisions before making it final we should evaluate the decision once. No one can make a perfect decision at all the time. Sometimes if a decision did not turn out the way you wanted you should make a new decisions.