6 Signs You Are Pursuing The Wrong Career

6 Signs You Are Pursuing The Wrong Career

6 Signs You Are Pursuing The Wrong Career

The old and proven adage says ‘money can’t buy everything and it certainly can’t buy happiness’. You and I symbolize a happy life with wealth, fortune, and success; however, the fact is that huge success is akin to a row of dominoes where one small blow can make the entire row of dominoes fall.

money cant buy everything

Research and study suggest that authority and power of domination make a person more vulnerable and increases the risk of anxiety, stress, and depression. No one is ever immune to such maladies. There have been so many cases of highly powerful and successful people falling into depression, including the former American President Abraham Lincoln, Buzz Aldrin who had set his foot on the moon from Apollo 11 mission, etc. The creamy and successful people are more prone to depression than the average people.

A study reveals that super-successful people have many strings attached and are likely to get pulled by any string and fall into the abyss of depression. Here are six reasons to understand why the super-successful tend to get depressed:

1. Restricted or no time for self and family

restricted or no time for self and family

Setting up an empire takes a lot of effort and time. The super-successful reach that height by investing a lot of time into their endeavors, so much that they are left with no time to relish small but powerful moments like family gatherings, time with kids, etc. which are essential for the upliftment of emotional quotient and mood. The pressure finally takes a toll on them in the form of depression.

2. Ongoing tough competition

job competition

The tough competition has made everyone paranoid which eventually infuses stress. The successful people have reached the peak by beating others in the competition but the competition never ends as after reaching a point, one needs to compete again to sustain it and hence, the competition makes one weary of it. Moreover, people always keep comparing themselves with others who are above them on the ladder, and it is a way to depression.

3. Less resilient

success failure

Failure is a part of life. No one ever keeps succeeding all the time. However, the super-successful become less resilient to failure and easily get affected by it. The fear of failure makes them vulnerable and hence they tend to get depressed.

4. Contracted world of the same boat

success failure

Average and regular people have lots in common to talk about and share perspectives. Continuous interaction keeps them happy. However, the world of super-successful people keeps shrinking as they keep climbing ladders up. They do not get the company of same people like them to interact with on a regular basis. A boundary gets drawn between them and the rest of the world.

5. Saturation and stagnant point

highest point

After reaching the highest point, there is nothing much left to explore for the super-successful people. They struggle and work hard to reach the peak but after reaching there, a saturation point comes which is difficult to handle as suddenly they feel they have nothing much to do. All this while they get used to striving and when this ends, an emptiness occurs which gives birth to depression.

6. Zero tolerance even to the slightest discomfort

The most successful people also lead a lavish life and eventually they get habituated to it. They do not like to wade through difficult times as normal people can do. They grow intolerant towards any discomfort and when such a turbulence presents itself, they tend to go into depression as they do not feel strong enough to cope with it.


The slightest deviation from the expected outcome is enough to depress anyone but the strength lies in not getting affected by it. Just look for alternatives when you feel you are slipping into depression.