How To Survive In A Toxic Workplace?

How To Survive In A Toxic Workplace?

How To Survive In A Toxic Workplace?

Recently I was passed up for a promotion, not once, but twice. Three days into my vacation, while I should have been completely unplugged from work, I, or perhaps the part of me which craves the stress-inducing drama to see  change in your life, casually began perusing my inbox. It was then I saw the sock-to-gut email – two men, seemingly more “qualified” than I, were promoted into the team, above me.

1. Define Your Goal


Set Smart Goals in Life

Let’s get one thing straight. We are all here with the same defining goal – we all want peace. At some deep level, it isn’t the money, the career, the body, the house, or the promotion; it is the peace that we ultimately desire. To live with peace is our deepest, most profound hope, not only for ourselves, but for the world and all those we love. There is no one, who at the core of who they are does not want peace.

2. Believe In Yourself


Key to Self­ Confidence

Despite this being universal truth, there is something within us all that wants the drama. Each of us, in our own little fucked up way, wants the conflict, the dissolution, and the struggle. You may not feel it at this moment, but as soon as a situation arises triggering a reaction in you – an accusation, argument, patronizing parent, betrayal of a loved one, or disrespect by a coworker – the longing for peace takes a quick back seat. Fear is at the wheel, inviting all its friends, who you might also be quite familiar with. Their names are worry, anxiety, doubt, anger, confusion, and stress.

3. Change Your Attitude


Positive Attitude as a Way of Life

Perhaps even reading this now you can recall a circumstance stirring negative, hostile emotions within you. Can you feel the surge of hot energy as it gushed through your veins? Can you hear the sound of your voice as it spilled piercing, vengeful words of attack, justification, and blame?For just a moment, can you touch this memory with your awareness and see it for what it is? Looking back, can you awaken in that moment of unconsciousness?

4.  Positive Reaction

positive reaction

Positive Attitude can make you Rich

In the moment of my ego-charged reaction, I could not touch the awareness. I didn’t even know it existed. Anger was bubbling in my blood. I was a ticking time bomb of molten emotions churning with issues of gender discrimination, lack of equal pay for equal work, victimization, hopelessness, disrespect, feeling used, unsupported, and ultimately defeated. I was consumed by the battle waging war in my mind. It left me feeling strung out, sleepless, and impossibly pissed off. Even writing this now, I feel the heat within my chest.

5. Time Management


Time Management Techniques

The ego was at work within me. It is at work within all of us; gearing up for battle in the theatrical production to have peaceful mind. On its delusional plight of survival, it seeks victory, at all costs.It is so easy to get caught up watching the drama unfold, believing that the ego is you – that this situation is defining your worth, or is a true reflection of your intrinsic value.In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. It is merely the ego’s need for survival. And rather than watching the movie play out.

6. Ability To Present


Steps to Build Financial Stability

You’ve begun to believe you are the starring role.As you grasp fleeting moments of awareness in the midst of an activated ego and emotional war, your ability to remain present will grow in strength and potency.  As you re-awaken to your deepest desire of peace, if even for a moment, you inject awareness into an otherwise chaotic, unconscious moment – the fight ceases to exist. The movie of your mind closes. You were never there; you were always here – now.

6. Always Be Happy


Simple Steps to Being Happy

Your Presence is your power. Presence can end wars; those of both figurative and literal translations. It can introduce happiness into an otherwise sad situation; it can bring light to the dark, and can make whole that which is broken. Presence is both greater than your mind and your ego.What is your true purpose in this life? To be Present. To be free from your ego by simply becoming aware of it. The world needs you to bring this power into your Being.

7. Power of Presence


How to Be Happy

The pain will come again, and again, and again. You will get ample opportunity to practice bringing Presence into your life. The boyfriend will dump you, the job won’t work out, the boss will disrespect you, the work will suck, and the people will be unkind. Don’t get too caught up in the production. Choose awareness. Choose the power of Presence, instead.Presence sets you free, it transforms, and it doesn’t exist anywhere but Now Presence gives you the peace you longing for.