6 Signs Indicating That It’s Time for a Career Change

6 Signs Indicating That It’s Time for a Career Change

6 Signs Indicating That It’s Time for a Career Change

Career change is one of the important decisions that you may be faced with at some point in life. Perhaps you won’t have any clue of what to do and where your life is going, despite a well-paying job being there.

You may be thinking of pursuing the long-left passion of yours, and this may happen at any point of life. Some visible signs are:

1. You’re Bored and Uninterested All the Time

bored and uninterested

The biggest sign could be a simple boredom and disinterest that lingers on all the time. Whole occasional boredom and disinterest is a common thing among all those who have worked several years in a job (and can be healed by a break), there is no way to heal the permanent boredom apart from looking for an alternate career or a career change.

2. You’re Looking for Startups

looking for startup

If you’re looking to do a part-time or full-time startup which talks about your ideas, it’s a sure way of knowing that (whether you build a startup or not) you are in need of a career change. Sometimes when we’re not happy with our current position, we try to create alternate routes.

3. Keeping Yourself Busy

keeping yourself busy

If you’ve been lately keeping yourself busy just by doing things that you aren’t interested in occupying your mind with, there’s something important that you’re trying to skip. Perhaps this is the way by which you can know that there’s something your heart wants you to ponder upon, and in a thought that it’s all too late, you’re avoiding the conversation with your inner self.

4. You’re Embarrassed to Talk about Your Work

embarrased to talk

If you’re not excited or are embarrassed to talk about what you do for a day job, it is time for you to quit your career or look for a career change while clinging on to the previous job. You work almost 1/3rd of your life on work, perhaps much more. It is best to keep it exciting instead of going downhill with a career that doesn’t excite you.

5. Daydreaming


Daydreaming is one of the things that prove that you’re not 100% in your current workplace. What it also means is that you’re wishing to be somewhere else. When you figure out that 'somewhere else', just get on to work for that end goal and stop whining about your current job; focus on your dreams.

6. Body Not Responding

body not supporting

It also happens, in extreme cases, that body doesn’t deliver 100% when being asked to do the work that you’re paid for. This calls for a clear-cut career change. Your body is giving you signals that it isn’t supposed to be doing this work and requires something else – where your passion lies. Work towards that way and you’ll feel extremely satisfied physically and mentally.

It is an important step to remain honest towards the work. If you’re not really honest, it is important to review the requirements of your soul and take a fact-check of your current conditions.