5 Apps to Keep your Eyes on, According to Gary Vaynerchuk

5 Apps to Keep your Eyes on, According to Gary Vaynerchuk

5 Apps to Keep your Eyes on, According to Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, a person of intense experience has proven time and time again regarding business and entrepreneurship. His target is to observe the ups and downs of the market and instantly present his opinion. The current tech landscape is always his agenda.

Viewing the preference given by people on social media and also having faith on his intuitions, Gary has given preference to these five apps mentioned below from a marketer’s perspective.

1. Anchor

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You can call Anchor an “audio twitter”. It can be defined as an app that helps you with the context generated by your voice; you can record yourself talking and also share the sound bites. 

It’s a pleasure to hear yourself talking. It is catching up popularity as it is related to speech which is very vital and crucial to communicate so podcasting is amazing and has been accepted as a popular medium having the potentiality to become a significant platform.

It’s a great tool as you can easily produce and reply though the weakness of this app is that it consumes a lot of time while listening and creating content but still it is one of the top most apps for a long time.

2. Musical.ly


Music.ly is an astonishingly addicted app. It intends to feature lip sync videos to songs and also to the sound clips and is extremely popular among all age groups but especially the teenagers. This app helps you to execute your own short videos, lip-syncing to the popular music. It provides a platform for the younger generation to expose their talent and make them celebrities.

3. Peach


Peach is an amalgamation of Twitter and Slack, a messaging app where you can post a lot of different things like images, gifts, and drawings and also your status updates. Geo locations can also be searched by the ‘Magic words” of Peach app or the songs you prefer to listen and also sometimes randomly a photo from the camera of your phone. Gary doesn’t know how it will fit in the market, but he’s sure it will evolve and is keeping his eyes on it.

4. After School


After School app is a message board for the students of high school and a place where you can communicate with the people. You just need school ID to create an account similar to Facebook beginners. It also provides private messages regarding board exams to the students of high school. 

It will lure the coming generation and can gain recognition like Facebook, but still a lot to be done is required, but with the passage of time, this app of high school will become the most sought after app on the main social network.

5. Mii Tomo


Mii Tomo app is the first social app of Nintendo. By creating your own “virtual you”, it becomes easy to interact  with your friends You can create your own quote cards or get answers to your friend’s questions with your Miis and can post these cards on other platforms also. It is a new app and is still under the radar and worth watching as time passes.