15 Ways your Body Language Makes People Mistrust You

15 Ways your Body Language Makes People Mistrust You

15 Ways your Body Language Makes People Mistrust You

It is only the brain that picks up nonverbal cues in a fraction of seconds, which are much faster than the verbal ones. It is not only our words that express our emotions but also our body language that has an upper hand to communicate our trust or mistrust. There are some signals done knowingly or unknowingly which leaves an everlasting impression.

Few of the ways of the body language that denotes the mistrust of the people are mentioned below.

1. Tilting Head

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It is one of the most common gestures of the body that gives a signal that you do not care about what others say or want to give importance to what others are saying.

2. Closed Fists 

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Closing fists are a sign of aggression or anger. You want to take revenge or you want to show your power and manipulate others showing your superiority.

3. Eye Contact

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 Eye contact plays a vital role while conversing, if not looking directly into the eyes. It is a sign that you are not bothered at all and you don’t want to give any heed to the person you are talking to.

4. Putting your Hands in Pocket

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 Hands in the pocket or behind your back indicate that there is something you are hiding or you don’t want to reveal your intentions.

5. Nodding your Head in Affirmation

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 Nodding head in positivity or in a negative manner suggests that you are sarcastic and intend to do the opposite of what the other is saying or you are saying.

6. Shrugging Shoulders

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Shrugging both or only one shoulder indicates that the person is telling lies or avoiding you or wants to let go off of what is going on or is least interested.

7. Not Moving Hands

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 Not moving hands while talking or if they are stiff, means that the person is lying or hiding something and not honest.

8. Touching Face

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 Wiping your face again and again or touching it continuously suggests that the person is dishonest and not much trustworthy.

9. Being Stiff

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Standing erectly or stiffly is a sign of arrogance and attitude. If the head of the person is held high and the body straight, it denotes that the person does not give importance to others and thinks himself as if he is superior to everyone.

10. Moving Away

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While interacting if a person moves away, it shows signs of disrespect, and ignorance which is a very rude gesture.

11. Leaning Back

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 When a person leans back while conversing with others, it shows that the person is not interested in what you are saying or objects your viewpoint.

12. Bending Low

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If someone is bending too low, the person wants to hide something or seems to be artificial.

13. Closed Body

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Crossing your legs or folding hands indicates displeasure which is another gesture to look dishonest and displeased.

14. Sitting Away from the Person

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Sitting far away from the person denotes that he does not want to attend you and is avoiding you.

15. Closing Eyes

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Closing eyes suggest that the person wants to avoid you and is least interested and gives no interest to what the others say or do.