4 Surprising Negativities That are Built into Your Brain

4 Surprising Negativities That are Built into Your Brain

4 Surprising Negativities That are Built into Your Brain

They say a mistake is not a mistake until it’s repeated. We all have made mistakes in life. People make some mistakes with full knowledge of their wrong doing, whereas others make them unknowingly.

Is it justified if one keeps making the same mistake repeatedly?  Do they do it on purpose? Is there something they can do to control this vicious cycle? Does society forgive people who repeat the same mistakes? Do many people repeat mistakes?


Well, do not beat yourself so much. The truth is, at times there is little you can do to control this circle. Some mistakes are actually wired in our brains. Like parasites, they won’t just leave you yet. The human mind is by default made to jump the gun, which always leads people to making bad decisions.

Four Mistakes That are Built into Your Brain

  1. We are always right, and other people wrong Most of the times, people always consider their ideas great, their way of doing things perfect and your ways of doing things very faulty. In fact, we even try to prove how your way is faulty. We are both so sure of our way of doing things, it makes it hard to be convinced. Such people cringe when you simply won’t do things their way. Relax, it’s not entirely your doing, but your brain is designed by default to be overly protective of your beliefs. At the end, we all come to the conclusion that the other party is just ignorant or stubborn.
  2. Not giving up on things we ought to- The sunk cost fallacy. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where everyone and their mothers know is wrong, and so do you? Regardless, you find every excuse to stay put. Be it the time you have invested, your emotions, you don’t just see a reason to quit. You fall a victim of this brain mistake when you use past decisions to justify a wrong course, hoping for the best in future. In many cases, the future never brightens.
  3. Being quick to judge- Fundamental attribution error. Many are the times we make a mountain hill out of a small issue. The sad part is that we make conclusions caring less whether the facts we have are accurate or on the contrary. You are in a rush to beat traffic and the car in front of you is slow according to your speed levels. You curse and try to justify why they are not moving fast. You manage to overtake, and of course, you look at the driver’s seat just to see the driver slowing you down. The brain is to blame for being fast to judge on inaccurate information.
  4. Not considering the long term side of things.The brain is designed by default to focus its energy on now, than the past for instance. When making decisions, we mostly focus on the present situation and rarely look back on the past. The brain is wired to value recent events to past events. The truth is, our past experiences should be a contributing factor in making great future decisions.

The world might see you as a bad person for making some of these mistakes. The good news is they are healthy for humans. If the world can acknowledge how easy it is to repeat such mistakes, there would be a lot of compassion in the world. Which mistakes have you repeated over time?