Amazing Quotes By Sunil Mittal

"You can choose to be very profitable very quickly if you don't want to grow" - Sunil Mittal

You can choose to be very profitable

"Skills are expensive in Africa, best people are on American salaries" - Sunil Mittal

Skills are expensive in Africa

"If you can teach a child, then her family and her future is taken care of" - Sunil Mittal

If you can teach a child

"If India has to get the complete benefit of its large population and big market, if you will not carry the weaker sections of society, if you will not incorporate the eastern part of India into the mainstream, I think India will never achieve its glory" - Sunil Mittal

If India has to get the complete benefit

"I would say history is a clear witness to many of the problems that have erupted when two partners from the same industry or same country have come together" - Sunil Mittal

I would say history is a clear

"I wanted to prove that a son of a politician can be a successful businessman" - Sunil Mittal

I wanted to prove that

"I personally believe every country has the same amount of spectrum. It is not that India has less... It needs to be vacated from other places; that is what other countries have also done" - Sunil Mittal

I personally believe

"For me, relationship is very important. I can lose money, but I cannot lose a relationship. The test is, at the end of a conversation or a negotiation, both must smile" - Sunil Mittal

relationship is very important

"All entrepreneurs make decisions. Some will go right, and some will not go that right" - Sunil Mittal

All entrepreneurs make decisions

"1976, I was all of 18, and when I stepped into the world of business, the capital I had in my hand was 20,000 rupees" - Sunil Mittal

1976, I was all of 18 

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