Cristiano Roanldo Finally Opens up about his Personal Life

Cristiano Roanldo Finally Opens up about his Personal Life

Cristiano Roanldo Finally Opens up about his Personal Life

Christiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer known worldwide for his achievements. He plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. He made his international debut for Portugal in August 2003. He is a well known footballer often termed as a cool Casanova throughout his journey as a footballer from ditching his girlfriends to rivalry with Lionel Messi, Ronaldo knows how to keep rolling in the headlines. 

Now, finally Christiano Ronaldo has opened up his personal life through a movie. He is a man who is always seen to be quite ambitious and passionate about his love of football. He is a man who sacrificed a lot in his life to gain such huge fame. He is often known as the legend of the beautiful game. Now, he is all set to reveal his personal tragedies. Christiano Ronaldo has revealed that personal problems are behind his dip in form. 

During his childhood, he went through a pretty tough financial crisis. He disclosed that he and his siblings lived in the same room when they were young. He was quite aggressive during when he was young. Also, he had thrown a chair at his teacher in high school after which he was expelled. He is quite popular for his love affairs. His romances have been quite popularised in media. He has been seen getting engaged in a love tie from time to time with a number of renowned models to famous actresses. He is known to have played with many hearts. 

He also disclosed some facts about his father, the fact that he was an alcoholic. In his recent interview he said,

"I wish to have a better dad in that way but it is what it is".

He also shared his love for his mother and how much things have changed now. While talking about his life lessons, Ronaldo assured that he is completely satisfied and happy with his life's decisions.

cristiano ronaldo has an incredible bond with his son

Opening up further, Ronaldo spoke about his five year old son Cristiano Jr. He hasn not revealed the identity of his son's mother in the media, but he has made it clear that he would make sure his son understands him and understands why he made the decisions that he did. Ronaldo has full custody of his son, who he raises as a single father with the help of his mother and sisters. 

Ronaldo expressed his love for his mom. He mentioned that people who have treated her badly cannot be seen next to him ever. On the love part, Ronaldo still seems to be a confused man looking for a better option among special ones in his life. 

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He has made sure that he has no interests in becoming a coach after his retirement from cricket. He is quite happy with his own brands. Even on Lionel Messi , Ronaldo spoke openly and looked comfortable talking about his rivalry. He mentioned that he shares a normal relationship with Messi. 

Ronaldo supports Manchester United but he is comfortable with Real Madrid now. Though he hasn't answered about his future plans but he seems very happy and satisfied with Real Madrid.