4 Life Changing Ways to Get Unstuck and Live Fully

4 Life Changing Ways to Get Unstuck and Live Fully

4 Life Changing Ways to Get Unstuck and Live Fully

For so many years, I waited for my life to start. I wondered why my career wasn't evolving in the way I thought it should, and I lived in frustration and disappointment.

I couldn’t believe that the world didn't notice me for my gifts. And I painfully compared myself to others who were doing what I thought I should be doing. "I'm just as good as they are," I reasoned. "Why not me?" This way of thinking went on for years.

Fast forward to now, and I'm thrilled to say that I'm no longer plagued by these painful thoughts. And the results? I’m so much happier now that the barriers are gone, and I’m thriving in my work.

I understand how I got caught in this pattern of frustration, and finally I know how to be free of it. The problem had nothing to do with the outside world and everything to do with being grabbed by distorted thoughts and pesky feelings.

If you’re stuck, know this: you can get out of your way. You can be an open portal for sharing your brilliance with the world. Here’s how.

1. Notice Negative Thinking and Let it Go

notice negative thinking

Overcome Negative Thinking

If you’re feeling stuck and unable to live freely in your natural flow and creativity, then you’re buying into negative thoughts. And when we believe negative thoughts in our minds, they become our reality. We convince ourselves we’re incapable and broken and that fulfillment just isn’t in the cards for us.

But none of this is true. Any thought can’t begin to define your true magnificence. Negative thoughts are conditioned, they’re based on erroneous assumptions, and they limit us from the full expression of our truth.

It's simple, but so profound: when my attention fed thoughts about "poor me" and what I didn't have, I was disappointed and unhappy. And now when I shift my attention away from those thoughts, I'm energized, focused, and forward moving.

Many people wonder, “How do I let go of negative thinking?” I feel the old, limiting story start to take shape in my mind, and inside I say, "Thank you, but no way am I going there." I’m completely disinterested in it and will not let these thoughts control my actions.

2. Become Familiar with Fear


Fear of Success

If you think fear will disappear, think again. It’s normal to feel fear so we need to learn how to work with it intelligently.

Fear is a highly conditioned reaction that is trying to protect you, but what it really does is squash your dreams and stifle your creativity. It fills your mind with worst case scenarios and scary outcomes. And if you believe them, you’ll be paralyzed.

Notice fear when it visits you, but don’t take its content as true. 

Get to know fear very well. Because once you notice when it appears, you can make the choice to not follow it. Fear will continue to beckon you, so just say no. Stay rooted in what’s totally alive in you and live that fully with your heart wide open.

3. Tap into your Natural Enthusiasm and Creative Energy Available Now

creative environment

Boost your Creativity

Stuck in thoughts of failure and inadequacy, you think that you’re missing what you need to be happy and fulfilled. But these thoughts are the source of the problem.

Stop waiting for inspiration or the right opportunity because while you’re waiting, the moments of your precious life are ticking away. Put aside this limiting mindset, and you’ll open to your natural self that is already enthusiastic, creative, and fully alive.

I was amazed by my energy for accomplishing my goals once I was finished with the beliefs that were holding my back. And I realized that energy had been there all along—I was too preoccupied to notice it.

4. Set Yourself up for a Sense of Accomplishment Every Day

self accomplishment

Set Smart Goals

Until I started writing out a daily schedule, I didn’t realize I was setting myself up for failure. I was trying to accomplish way more than was possible in any given day, which led me to feel that I was never doing enough. I procrastinated and easily lost focus.

Plan the tasks for each day, making sure you’re setting yourself up for success, not failure. Let your enthusiasm guide you. And when the work day is over, feel good about what you’ve done, let it go, and go enjoy the rest of your life.

What About You?

I absolutely know that it’s possible to get unstuck and begin to live fully. I’ve done it, and you can, too. Stop blaming the world, and take an honest look at the mindsets that hold you back. Say, “No more!” as you step into your whole, beautiful, magnificent self just waiting to flourish.

Are you having trouble finding your way through feeling stuck? What have you learned about getting free of limiting beliefs? I’d love to hear in the comments…