Fear of Success

Fear of Success

Fear of Success

To those who are on the path to achieve success, the game had just begun. While success brings newer hopes and avenues to an individual, it also welcomes a new opening of a Pandora ’s Box. Unknown fears, constant look out to guard what had been achieved, insecurity etc. seem to spring in from nowhere. The fear of success is as scary as fear of failure; in fact, it is way more difficult to deal with as compared to when one was just a pessimist.

1. Everyday Confidence


There are going to be bad days while conducting everyday business. This was inevitable even while starting out. As dramatic as it may sound, boosting yourself with daily pep talk actually helps. Wake up every day in the morning and ask a simple question – “What is it different that I’m going to do today?” Believe it or not, your enthusiasm and confidence casts a significant impact on your teams. Inspiration and positive thinking is contagious. Start your day with one!

2. Gather Your Resources


Once you are in the game, things look and sound more concrete. Be it business, wealth or resources, you are a step above from where you were while starting out. However, the way you accumulate your resources during the good times affect the way you deal with things during bad times. Remember that there are going to be rainy days. Keeping aside some of your earnings would help you deal with troubled times without having to deal with confidence issues.

3. Be Not Afraid


You are in the game with the peers who are vying to take your place. Competition is a natural process. Getting overworked about it will not yield any benefits. Instead, you will find yourself easily scared, threatened and confused. Doing what you were doing without deflecting at your competition will always give a leap ahead. Do your thing, do not get overworked with the odds of survival.

4.Remember Who You Were

remember who you were

The road to success brings a plethora of changes into your life. You may constantly find modifications with reference to the way you think and operate. This often seeds fear about turning into someone else. The key is to keep reminding who you were. The ideals and principles that you had while stepping into the arena should be consistently followed throughout.

5. Avoid Procrastination

avoid procrastination

Being in the business does not ease up things. It only brings in tougher goals to the table. Delaying or procrastinating over projects because you are in the heat of things is a wrong move. Be agile and alert about your deadlines. Planning and executing in a timely manner is the most important factor that makes you stay in the business.

6. Never Compromise


If you brought in a niche to the market, keep thriving on it. You may be vulnerable to the ‘take it easy’ mode once in a while after getting to top league. This paves way to compromising the quality standards. Maintaining high levels of quality while delivering ensures that you stay where you are, maybe take you even further up.

7. Be Realistic

Be Realistic

Be realistic with what you have in your hands. The bad days will not go away once you decide to ignore them and divert your thought process. Understand and ascertain the real state of things and where you are headed. Be prepared for the worse where it matters. This keeps you alert and focussed.

8. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones


Progress and achievements should not take you away from your personal life. Pay attention to the quality of time you spend with your friends and family. This not only helps ease your thoughts, the balancing act always enables you to plan and perform better.

9. Read Inspiring Quotes


Reading inspiring quotes from successful personalities from all over the world channels your direction. Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration in daily life. Do not deprive yourself of it.

10. Learn


Remember, life is a learning process. You are always a learner in the crusade. Keep yourself updated with the latest. Learning something new every day makes you better equipped to deal with the change, while making you wiser.

These are some of the effective ways to deal with fear of success. Being successful is amazing. It gives you a high. Cherishing and bettering yourself from the achievements only makes you scale higher. Think successful, be rewarded!

The reality bites of dealing with success are amazingly challenging. An individual striving to be successful is easily agitated and this makes way for making more mistakes. Even the most singular of failure in everyday delivery can cause the panic button to get switched on. People find it rather tough to cope with fathoming fresh battles. Just as there are ways to deal with the fear of failure, one can deal with dealing with the fear of success. This takes a little bit of inner introspection, insight and mental preparation.You are an extremely ‘successful thinking’ person. All you need is a little more perspective where you stand.