Too Much Self-Awareness Can be a Terrible Thing

Too Much Self-Awareness Can be a Terrible Thing

Too Much Self-Awareness Can be a Terrible Thing

Awareness of each and everything is very good but too much self-awareness can prove to be a terrible thing sometimes. Our mind is habitual to absorb every little information each day and can handle a lot of information at once. Our unconscious mind filters and processes many of the information and focuses mostly on the important things only.

Sometimes you feel yourself distracted and drained when you know that you have too much of self-awareness.

Ability to Focus

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It hurts your ability to focus on the most important work on what you should focus as a priority when you are taking some examination. Many people are often hyper sensitive to environment and hear  all sorts of whispers or other students clicking their pens, mumbling to themselves or chewing gum. These weird noises often offend you when you basically need to focus on your exam which is a priority. Awareness of such things which surrounds you depresses in a way or other. Self awareness is a remarkable thing in a person and ability to focus on your awareness is of great help when you are working.

Ability to Ignore

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Ability to ignore is a major predictor of intelligence so you should focus on the important thing and at the same time, you should know how to ignore what isn’t important at all. It can become counterproductive if you have too much mindfulness and self awareness. The ability to ignore and suppress the unimportant things while doing the important things can actually improve your creativity and intelligence. Everyone should possess the ability to ignore as it is very helpful for long term in everyone’s life.

Unconscious Mind

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Our unconscious mind has already many things going on. It focuses on while doing some of our important work in any field but to ignore them is a part of intelligence and basically it helps you to be safe from being hurt. We should know how to suppress the minor things when focussing on major things. For example, when we enter a room, we can only focus on angles but to ignore the unflattering ones is the worst feature in our self. You just have to ignore the things that are useless. The unconscious mind captures a lot of things that surrounds us but you should have the ability to suppress them as it can be terrible if you focus on them too.

In many situations, improving awareness can be beneficial certainly but keeping yourself balanced and self monitored is a technique to prevent you from being hurt. Recognise that our brain is not built to be super informed of each and every little thing as it can prove to be a terrible thing; ignorance is a key to stay happy.