10 Simple Ways to Infuse Meditation in Everyday Life

10 Simple Ways to Infuse Meditation in Everyday Life

10 Simple Ways to Infuse Meditation in Everyday Life

Meditation has an overall bad rep. The benefits are widely known but taking out time seems like an arduous task. Most people have a perfect picture of what meditating looks like with someone sitting in a really quiet place, with legs crossed for a good 30 minutes or more. Let's face it, we are all busy and setting aside a block of time may not be always doable.

But meditation does not have to be an activity that requires a lot of effort. It is a state of mind and it can be experienced through the day with simple practices. Little bit goes a long way...

1. Make Your Morning Beverage In Silence

morning beverage

The brewing of the morning chai is my meditation. I don't hurry through it and participate in the process with attention to each step of the brewing process. Refraining from checking emails or thinking about the morning meetings, the 15 minutes spent in the simple activity of brewing tea sets the calm for my entire day. Whatever your morning beverage of choice is - coffee, tea or that green juice, use the activity to make it as a conduit to connect with oneself and to the day.

2. Feel The Water In The Shower


Most of us shower in auto-pilot, not even realizing the fresh water pouring on us. It is a deeply personal time that we have for ourselves but we spend it wrapped deep in thoughts - the sales targets, the new staff, and upcoming presentation, how we don't like going to work and so many other thoughts that take over us. We can switch it up and use the time to practice being in the present moment. Feeling the water on the skin and staying present through it is a quick and effective way to bring mindfulness into our daily lives It will release the anxiety or worry that usually pile up when we are consumed in thoughts about the past or the future and set the right tone for the day.

3. Practice Deep Breathing During Breaks


As we go through our days, we have either given away our energy or carrying other people's energy within us because of all the interactions we participate in. Both make the body feel drained. Take a few deep breathing breaks. Breathe in to your belly for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 3 seconds and release for another 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Deep breathing is tremendously effective in releasing anxious energy and bring us to here and now where life is truly happening. It is especially effective right before you are going on stage for public speaking or presentations!

4. Feel The Weight Of Your Seat

sit heavy

This one is such a quick trick to snap us into present time! Just feel gravity sucking your seat in the direction of the center of the earth. And yourself sinking in more into your seat with every breath. This great exercise quickly brings our awareness back into our body and puts the breaks on the heaviness that thoughts can cause by keeping us entwined in heavy thought created fictitious dramas. 

5. Listen Intently During Meetings


Ever feel the need to speak or think about what to say when someone speaks during a meeting? It happens to most of us. Listening without the need to respond, react or judge the content of what’s being spoken changes the energy of the room. Not only does it give the requisite respect to the speaker, it allows us to respond from the position of presence rather than stirred up energy. To practice it, listen to every word and stay present with the speaker. Not only is it a meditative state for you, the speaker recognizes the stillness in you and tries to copy it inadvertently. 

6. Do A Body Scan


In the midst of the day, put some reminders to bring your awareness to different parts of your body – e.g. the fingers, toes of the feet, chest, and eyes. And if you have 10 minutes, do a quick body scan. Start from the bottom of the feet and move your awareness upwards, resting a little on each part, until you reach the top of the head. Body scanning is another great mindfulness technique that can be done anywhere and anytime to rev us up with our own energy. 

7. Ground Yourself Barefoot


Due to the high prevalence of electromagnetic waves, Wi-Fi and mobile phones in our lives, our body fills up with positive electrons in the form of radicals. Grounding by walking barefoot on grass, concrete, sand, etc. transfers Earth's negative electrons that neutralizes these radicals which has amazing benefits ranging from better sleep to reduced inflammation. And all you have to do is to walk barefoot on grass or other grounding surfaces like sand, bare soil, ceramic tile, unpainted brick, etc.

8. Take Time Out For Joy-Tivities


Activities that bring us joy aka joytivities bring us into a flow or a zone where we forget the concept of time and space, albeit for a little while. They bring about meditative states while we are having fun. Whatever it is that you enjoy - playing ball, walking by the lake, reading, making jewelry - they bring about a no mind zone where the chatter of the thoughts subside and we can be HERE for a moment.

9. Watch The Sunset To The Horizon


A sunset is probably one of the most fantastic natural events to be witnessed and it happens every day! I do think that if we had to pay to see it, more of us would actually take time out to watch it! I try to wrap up my day so I can catch a glimpse of the sunset every day, many a times at the cost of social outings after work. Watching the Sun go down to the horizon brings in us a stillness that helps us wind down after the day. In addition, it has an introspective quality that helps us reflect on the day. Watching the hues turn colors stirs up a recognition of the universal energy or chi.

10. Journal Your Day


Journaling may not be your thing but it is surprising how putting our reflections on the day on paper relieves the heaviness that thought forms create. It also helps us see the happenings of the day in a new perspective because we are at a distance from it and no longer entrenched. Writing down our worries and other things on our mind, keeps them from lingering on while we retire for the day and ensure a good night's sleep.