The Most Effective Tip to Sleeping Better

The Most Effective Tip to Sleeping Better

The Most Effective Tip to Sleeping Better

It is really a difficult situation to have no sleep at all or to have anxiety attacks and more. These are all medically related problems which lead to disorderly functions of everyday life. However, concentration and dedication are really possible if one is able to learn to solve anxiety through weighted blankets.

Yes, deep pressure touch stimulation is a kind of therapy that helps anyone to benefit from easy and simpler ways of application.

Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation

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This is a kind of therapy that allows one to have a physical advantage over the rest of the factors. In fact, this is a kind of surface pressure that is exerted by touching, holding, stroking and petting of animals. This has good effects on the nervous system and enables relaxed and calm ways of dealing with situations.

Weighted Blanket and its Application


Weighted blankets are usually used as a part of therapy for children who have sensory disorders and who have anxiety issues that are at times related to autism. In fact in psychiatric care, people who are anxious are treated in this manner. 

A weighted blanket helps to mould one to body just like a warm hug does the trick. The pressure helps one to totally relax the entire nervous system. It is, in fact, a safe as well as a very productive way of dealing with the sleep and relaxation process. Normally those who are under stress sleep well when they are swaddled well. Thus, the weight and pressure also prove helpful on an adult too.

The Simple Mechanism of Deep Pressure

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Deep Pressure usually is applied with encouraging the serotonin production and also by lifting the mood. When serotonin converts to melatonin one can take this as a cue to take rest. Weighted blankets are usually weighted with the poly pellets that are stuck into compartments through the blanket and help to keep the entire weight distributed. 

This weight is the actual therapy and acts on the deep pressure receptors which are located all over the body. The body feels relaxed when one is more grounded as well as safe.

Effects of Weighted Blankets

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Weighted blankets are normally really effective in alleviating stress. In fact, there is a report which shows that these offer the best ways of safe as well as effective therapy. Thus, they are really successful in decreasing distress along with dealing with anxiety.

Again those who are depressed, anxious and are aggressive along with having disorders like bipolar problems are said to have relief with this blanket process. If one is paranoid, or undergoing a detoxification then one can have total relief from such symptoms.

Weighted blankets have always helped most of the patients who are suffering from major disorders like autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Tourettes and Cerebral palsy along with other syndromes like Restless Leg.

How is the Weight of the  Blanket Determined?

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The weight of the blanket depends on the size and the personal preference of the person but usually a typical weight for adults is around 15 to 30 pounds and experts suggest taking the guidance of an occupational therapist to have a perfect medically sound situation. One is also advised not to use weighted blankets if one is currently suffering from problems of the respiratory system or of the circulatory system along with any kind of post-surgical recuperation. Normally these are available on websites where one can purchase a weighted blanket of one’s choice.

There are many websites where you can purchase a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are an easy way to deal with anxiety, stress, and such conditions.