Dream Bigger Than Your Age

Dream Bigger Than Your Age

Dream Bigger Than Your Age

Pay Attention To Your Dream Not Your Age

dream bigger than age

 There more you ignore your dream. The more you get reminded of how much time you have wasted by not pursuing what lies deep inside you. Therefore, you keep lying to yourself and making excuses that you are now too old. You do not have the funds to start and you will pursue it once you have paid off all your debts, get a better paying job and once you have the time. We both know that is a lie. You are never too old to live your dream.

You can start that new goal and you can learn any skill you need to learn to make it happen. As much you can use the phrase on falling in love with a younger or older person, the same applies. Your age is just a number.

Don't Die With Your Dream

dont die with dream

There are many people currently buried in graves who have not taken the steps towards their dreams. They let their dreams die with them. My late father used to speak about what he wanted to achieve. He always wanted to start a business. He was a community leader and well respected by everyone, young and old. However, he refused to become a mayor, even though he was a perfect candidate for the position and would have gotten all the support he needed.

Just like many, he went to his grave with his dreams unfulfilled. I learned a lot from my dad. He often advised me to follow my passions and he always supported me, from when I was in high school. Like most, he did not follow the same advice, and often doubted his abilities, thinking that he was too old to have dreams. Living a fulfilling life has nothing to with your age; it has everything to do with what you think about yourself. Do you believe in yourself? Are enjoying life where your today? That is a question only you can answer.

You're Never Too Old To Set A New Goal

set a new goal

What is even more surprising now is that our generation is now joining. Our young generation see themselves as too old to dream big. They laugh at people their age who have the courage to pursue their passions. We are too lazy to think and let alone act. I remember telling a colleague that I could rap and he laughed at me and I don’t look like someone who could rap. He added that I should stop dreaming too much and focus on earning a decent living. You can achieve great success no matter your age, your dream won’t be visible to anyone if it`s not visible to you.

There are people who went on to achieve great at the ages of 60 to 75 years. So what is it that is stopping you at your young age? These days even an old dog can learn new tricks. It just needs the right mind-set. There is an 80 years old female martial artist I once read about, who also founded her own martial arts school. And another 80 year old award winning comedian, who is also a public speaker, a blogger and a toastmasters international member. What is stopping you?

Never Give Up

never give up

How many today embrace their age and make the most it? We spend most our times complaining and criticizing people who are ahead of us than we do on improving and gaining new skills that will propel us towards the same or greater direction. John Adams said “old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.” In addition, most of us never exercise our old minds. We don`t read books and we don`t do anything that will challenge us to grow.

This why we should learn from other grown up men and women out there who never gave up on their dreams and follow their example, as living proof that “Age is just a number” you can still achieve great things no matter how old you may be. Your current age is just a number, go out there and live your dream.