6 Ways To Improve Your Life Instantly

6 Ways To Improve Your Life Instantly

6 Ways To Improve Your Life Instantly

Many people say that they want to improve their life well here are 6 simple steps anyone can take that will start you on that journey of improvement and what is even better, follow these steps and you will notice the difference almost immediately.

1. Think Only Positive Thoughts

positive thoughts

This sounds very easy but to begin with it does take effort. The brain simply doesn’t manage negatives well so if you tell yourself NOT to think about something then that will almost certainly be what think about - try it now. Don’t think about pink elephants. Immediately your brain will start to fill with images of pink elephants. So instead of trying NOT to think about things simply try thinking of positive things. However difficult you circumstances might seem make sure you do not dwell on the difficulties but rather find positive things to think of and if you are struggling NOT to think about something, decide in advance on a positive thought and image to replace that and every time the negative one pops into your mind replace it with the positive one.

2. Take Action

take action

As humans we are usually happiest when we are doing things. Even if what you can do is restricted perhaps by an illness, for example, then keeping busy is still important. So make sure each day you have tasks to achieve and if at all possible make sure you complete one. When we are involved in projects that take some time to complete it is especially important to divide them into chunks so you can enjoy the feeling of finishing, actually accomplishing something, and enjoying the satisfaction that goes with that. It might be a task unrelated to the main job but if you actually finish something the satisfaction will motivate you to further action.

3. Be Kind To Yourself

be kind

This can take a variety of forms. First you need to learn to be kind to yourself in your thoughts. How easy is it to beat yourself up over mistakes or berate yourself for not getting enough done or saying the wrong thing or a dozen other things. The fact is you are human but you of all people should be kind and gentle with yourself. So when those critical self-thoughts arise be sure to counter them with thoughts that are kind, you are human, everyone makes mistakes, remember, you are doing the best you can. Being kind to yourself also means looking after yourself and getting the basics right, make sure you eat and sleep well, have time each day to do something you enjoy and spend time with people you love and care about.

4. Be Greatful

be greatful

Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in there will be things you can be grateful for and this seems to have a powerful impact upon the level of happiness people feel. So even if it is a bit of a struggle at first make sure that each day you find things you are grateful for, some things are easy to take for granted, a roof over your head, food to eat, a job, friends, once you start you will find it not only becomes easier but you will begin to feel different when you start to appreciate what you have.

5. Seek Inspiration

seek inspiration

As humans we are often happiest when we feel inspired. Sometimes that just happens. We see things, perhaps other people’s achievements or films or books that inspire us, possibly we are inspired by a piece of music or a piece of art, or something in nature. But you don’t have to just wait for it to happen - you can actually go out and seek inspiration.  If you choose to do that you will be spoilt for choice, try reading biographies of people who have battled the odds, watch films, read self-help books, mix with people who inspire you rather than people who drag you down. It is very easy to find inspiration if you make the decision that you want to be inspired.

6. Visualise The Future You Desire

see your dream

Increasingly we are realising the power of visualisation, it is linked to thinking positive thoughts but in many ways takes the process one step further. Let yourself dream about what you want, whether it is improvements in your job, relationships, achievements or money - it is becoming a very acceptable part of sports psychology to use visualization and to practice imagining winning. One of the important aspects is to get in touch with the emotions - how would it feel to have a happy relationship, financial security, the house of your dreams or whatever.  Don’t just do it once, make sure to practice this daily just as an athlete might when preparing for a big competition.

So if you are not happy with the way your life is at the moment don’t just sit back and think there is nothing you can do, because actually there are a lot of actions you can take right now to change that - these six are a good place to start.