5 keys to confidence

5 keys to confidence

5 keys to confidence

1. Envision Confidence

envision confidance

Gain Confidence

Imagine how would it feel to act confidently in certain situations. Giving speeches, shaking hands, saying what you want to say. Hold that mental picture. Your imagination has enormous power, let it turn your vision into reality.

Integrate these strategies to your daily life and you will eventually experience higher confidence. Perhaps you can relate to some of these tips and have your own stories. Experiences, when your confidence raised and you did something what looked difficult at that very moment. Remember, you already have everything you need to walk around confident.

2. Say Positive Affirmations

positive  affirmations

Positive Attitude In Life

Start everyday with affirmations. Repeat them as much as you need, you will eventually take them as the holy truth. It can be uncomfortable at the beginning but it might have amazing effect on your life. Take a deep breath and say out loud.

I believe in myself.

I have all what I need to make all my dreams come true.

My possibilities are limitless.

Write down your own affirmations, keep them positive. Remind yourself about your power.

3. Be Aware of Your own Strengths

be aware of your strenths

Build Inner Strength

I know, it’s heard to think about your strengths when you are struggling with low confidence. We both know you have great strenghts. Let them shine. Take a paper and write down the list of your strengths. Ask friends to help you out, if you are not sure. When you have your list done, keep reminding yourself about your strong sides. Read it every day out loud if it helps you.

4. Think about Your Past Successes

past success

This is a great confidence booster. Think a bit about your past successes, even small ones. What did you achieve, what made you feel great. Sometimesweare forgetting it. Friend of mine supposed to give a speech at her university as an alumna, it was meant for students and she supposed to talk about hercareer. I remember how she told me: “I was so scared, I didn’t know if I have something to talk about. But my husband went through all my stuff, found diplomas, prizes I won and made me my small success shelf.” She made her speech and she was the most popular there.

5. What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

worst happening

Improve Your Self Confidence

This is helping me every time when my confidence betray me. I breathe in, breath out and ask myself this question. When you think about it, the worst thing is usually still ok and the true is, most likely it won’t even happen. I remember how I passed one exam just because I even pretended to be confident. I got a good question and I was confident I can make it with a very good grade.

Unfortunately my professor had apparently a bad day and he decided that I am gonna fail. Instead of hello I got “I’m not gonna let you pass this exam.” He was asking me a lot of offtopic questions completely out of subject. At the end of the exam he told me “I must say I am surprised you didn’t leave crying. I am gonna let you pass, just because you are the only one who didn’t fall apart today.” I was shaking inside like crazy but I decided to act confident. I could leave at   the beginning from lost battle and fail, but I decided not to and I tried and I won.