5 ‘Communication for Success’ Tips

5 ‘Communication for Success’ Tips

5  ‘Communication for Success’ Tips

Whatever type of business you are in almost certainly it will involve communication. For entrepreneurs and business owners communication is often the tool that will drive sales or new customer engagement. The tips below shows how positive communication can increase business success. (Famous Business Success Stories)

Be Positive


Positive Attitude In Life

It’s just a fact of life that people respond better when communication is positive. But what does that actually mean? Imagine if someone asks how the business is going and you say ‘well it’s been a bit tough lately, profits are down, I’m losing sleep over it all’ you give an impression of the company and of you. But if you said ‘Well we’ve had to face a few challenges lately but we are pulling together and I’m confident we’ll get through’ the impression you create OF THE SAME SITUATION is very different.

It’s more positive and people will respond more positively to that. If you are selling a product or service, obviously you want to talk about all the positive aspects not get bogged down in any minor problems there may have been.

Be Clear


Steps To Achieve  A Goal

I know many people who regularly attend network meetings but actually don’t like them much at all. They tell me they never know what to say about their business and end up just chatting socially rather than using the time to build their business or brand. Often that is because they have no clarity about what they want to communicate. So decide before you go HOW you will explain what you do.

As a coach, trainer and therapist I used to find it tough explaining the different aspects to our company then I decided to talk about what we can achieve rather than what we do so when people asked what the company did, I began by explaining that we changed lives. It got their attention and then we could talk about any aspect of the service that was relevant to them.

Be Purposeful


Grow your business

Every successful communication has a purpose. Ask yourself, what it is you want to achieve, from any particular exchange. Are you giving information, recruiting a new client, closing a sale, establishing a new contact, or buying a service for your own business. Sometimes it might be several things at once. But being clear about the purpose of the exchange will help you handle it more effectively.

If what you really want is to get someone to sign up to your service then tailor your communication to that and give them the information they need to make the decision to opti in.

Be Concise


Learn The Art of Successful Communication

It is much easier to be concise when you have a clear purpose about why you are communicating. In every communication you want to avoid an information overload! We have probably all experienced that ­when someone eager to talk to us has deluged us with information. The danger is that the really important information may get lost amid all the extra ‘stuff’.

There is also the danger that the listener will simply switch off and I’m sure many of us will have done that when stuck listening to someone who is simply giving us far more than we need. It’s not adding value it is simply creating an overload.

Be Yourself


Boost Your Self Believe

It is important however to make sure that you are natural. Individuals are different and everyone can bring their own personality to communication even if it’s pretty scripted. So don’t feel that you have to somehow and try to hide your personality, you will just come across as strained and unnatural and communication is unlikely to be effective. It’s worth thinking a bit about body language as well, if you are not being natural in your speech, your body language isn’t congruent, trying to be excited about what we say but our gestures and posture just not matching – which again will confuse the person you are communicating with. (Talking Yourself into Success)

The above tips don’t just refer to spoken communication, they can be applied to all types of communication. In fact it is just as important to be clear, purposeful, concise and natural in emails, adverts, fliers, presentations, media packs and blogposts. Effective communication is essential for success in business and in life and by following these simple tips you can ensure that you communicate effectively for success.