10 life lessons every 20 something must learn from their Grandma’s

10 life lessons every 20 something must learn from their Grandma’s

10 life lessons every 20 something must learn from their Grandma’s

From their innocuous home remedies to wisdom words and secret recipes, Grandmothers are all things wise and loving. They are the ones who have actually “been there and done that”. So why not ask them about a perspective or two they gained about life.

20 something is a phase where we experience “the best and worst of times”. Well, life has just begun and for every 20 something year old career, relationships, finances are things that occupy most of their time.

Yes, while you’re trying to figure out life, these words of wisdom will come handy and ease those momentary career issues and love troubles.

Read on to discover how I am constantly battling this awesomely amazing 20-something phase, and trust me “I AM STILL KEEPING MY CALM”, because I am following these WISDOM WORDS: -

1. There is No Such Thing as “SECRET TO SUCCESS”

secet of success

Secrets to Success

If I knew it, I would have shared it. But what I know is, the harder I work the luckier I get. All you have to do is work really hard to get through life and there is no shortcut to success. Even if success bites you at a really young age, remember it wont last forever. You’ll have to work even harder when you’re successful, to retain that “I am successful tag”.

2. Don’t Do Anything that Might Embarrass you before your Mother

dont do anything that might embarrass you before your mother

How to Become a Mompreneur

It is certainly that time when we are experiencing love, first hand. We are at the liberty to do what we want and it is easy to get swayed in our 20’s, where friends, money and relationships are in vogue. But note the difference between having fun and doing something you might not be proud to tell your mother. Easier said than done, being prudent in your 20’s will leave no room for regrets in 70’s.

3. Wake up Early, so you Can have a Morning Ritual

wake up early, so you can have a morning ritual

Overcome Laziness

Grandmothers wake up early not because they areold school believers, but because they value their time. Waking up early means having more time, which can be used for self-development, meditation and other things that will shape your future.Develop a morning ritual, where you spend sometime on developing your personality. Use this time to reflect on your life and where you want to head. Successful people around the world have morning rituals that have helped them profoundly.

4. Invest in a Juicer

invest in a juicer

Peace of Mind

Ok Grandma’s love oozes in the form of food and more food. But what’s the deal with fresh juice? Well, imagine you own a Bentley and someone asked you to use a low-grade gas to fuel your car. You wouldn’t do that at any cost, right? So why fuel your most precious asset, your body, with junk. Grandma tells us that what we eat strongly affects our mind and thinking power. So why not indulge in a glass of fresh juice, that will energize us and bring clarity in our thoughts?

5. Travel when You Can and as Much as You Can

travel when you can and as much as you can

Stay Inspired

Your 20’s are the time your vibrant, young and filled with revering enthusiasm. Utilizethis time to exploreunknown territories, meet new people and learn new things. For some people pursuing higher education is fitting, for others it is traveling. So don’t compare yourself to your friends who are still in college. Your life is different, so lead it differently.

6. Hangovers are a Real Thing

hangovers are a real thing

Cure An Emotional Hangover

Yes you cannot walk around feeling like a million bucks again after an eventful night. Gone are these days when you’re capacity was at the brim and despite multiple outings a night, you still woke up fresh. Now is the time where your capacity will slow down and you will need a coffee or an aspirin to get rid of that hangover.

7. You’re Parents are Cooler than you Think

lessons from father to daughter

Care what People Think

Imagine finding out that SWAG is genetic. Yes by the time we are 20 something we come to realize that our parents have a better perspective of life than us, and they are actually cooler and can relate to our third world problems. Don’t be surprised when this realization hits you. Instead, make the most of it by spending quality time with your parents.

8. People are Going to Criticize You, either Embrace it Forget it

people are going to criticize you, either embrace it forget it

Stay Resilient in Your Life

There will be times when people might politely punch you in the face, leaving you heart broken and completely embarrassed. Don’t let negative opinions get the better of you. Fretting over the opinion of other would mean giving them more weightage. Rather absorb their comments and learn from it. It will add to your self-worth and only make you a better person.

9. Talk to Yourself When you Can

talk to yourself when you can

Talking Yourself into Success

You are the best friend you can have, because you know all about you. It’s a simple technique, stand in front of the mirror and pour out your worries. You will be amazed at how your mind and heart reacts to such things. It will help you gain a clearer perspective about things.

10. Don’t Take Life So Seriously


Maintain Momentum in Life

Have fun when you can, cry when you have to and eat that big scoop of ice cream when you want to. Yes, there’s always a better time to do things, but how sure are you that you will survive for that long? Don’t postpone it for another day. You don’t know what tomorrow holds. If you feel like bungee jumping today, then do it. Nobody gets out alive, so while you are able and young,be adventurous and all that you want to be.

Our grandmothers have had their own share of troubles and hardships, but they survived. Use their wisdom to add meaning and perspective to your life, and do the things you’ve wanted to do. You wouldn’t want to sit on your deathbed and regret the things you could have done, but didn’t. Yesterdayscan’t be changed and tomorrows are yet to come, so why not cherish what you have, today.