Tomorrow is a Lie

Tomorrow is a Lie

Tomorrow is a Lie

The Tomorrow Factor

In their day-to-day lives, humans strive for food, water and shelter relentlessly keeping an eye upon the future needs. Similarly on the same reason every task of us is linked up with the upcoming moment, second, minute or day. Anyhow it is in the basic animal instinct of human beings to face the tomorrow.

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Maintain Momentum in Life

But, even after many civilizations and revolutions and wisdom, human beings are developing the tendency to gain a false grip upon the future. But failing to understand that, the very next second/moment is not going to be in control and tend to push lot of things and hopes on the 'Tomorrow'.

1. Tenses of Time

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Time Management Techniques

In grammar, we have past, present and future tenses that represent the time's course. Similarly, in our real lives, as a part of daily living each and every second can be divided into past, present and the future. It can be considered as an assumption to divide time as past and future, as there is only one part in real which is the 'Present'.

2. Single Tense of Life

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Art Of Being Alone

Unlike the grammar, life has only one tense in real i.e. the 'Present'. As it moves forth, it becomes past and never comes back. Passed seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, never tend to rewind back. So, we are living in the present which is becoming past moment by moment.

The False Tomorrow

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There is no negative sense, in thinking this way, instead it develops a killer instinct in the mind to finish off whatever left in the least possible time. Because, tomorrow may not come in the way we think/assume and evenfew times there might be no tomorrow.

1. Forgettable Past

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Steps To Change Your Life

In fact the same applies to the past, the passed away moment, which never exists except for the memories of it in which we lived. Only lessons and experiences of the past can be considered to live a pleasant present to enjoy a brighter side of the future. Hanging out too much in the past also would not help in bringing it back. Past is not in our control, and future is unpredictable. The only controllable element of the time is the contemporary second which if spent wisely can ensure a happy life.

Tomorrow is a Lie

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Live Happier

As modern beings, we are habituated to rest hopes on tomorrow. In connection to this, we rest our hopes on tomorrow. So, Tomorrow is unpredictable, uncontrollable,Tomorrow is a lie and Today is the truth. It is better to live in the truth rather than hoping for the unpredictable Lie. So, for anyone, it is better to do as much as you can for today, because the time cannot be the same always.