The importance of Finding your Gift to Achieve Success

The importance of Finding your Gift to Achieve Success

The importance of Finding your Gift to Achieve Success

Each of us possesses some extraordinary quality—a gift placed somewhere inside us at the moment of conception. Each of us has been bestowed with some specific role to play. Otherwise, what real meaning would there be to our lives? Your intended role isn’t always the one you might have wanted, but it’s essential that you welcome it and accept it for what it is.

Because it’s the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving personal growth. Every quality a person is given fulfils a need that is indispensable to the survival and progress of all of humanity. Finding your worth is like finding a vein of gold inside you. When you recognize it and start tapping it, you find the self-esteem you need, and set yourself on the road to achieving successes you could never have imagined otherwise.

Activating Your Natural Gift so that work becomes Pleasure

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Ways To Thrive At Work

Some people find their gift right away: think of uncommonly talented child prodigies like Mozart, whose wondrous gift for music revealed itself when he was just three years old. Usually, that sort of talent is easily noticed. When a gift is more deeply hidden, though, it takes work to discover it. The task is more arduous, but not impossible.

The people around us are there to help us find that much-vaunted “gift from above,” which has been given to us unconditionally. For the magic to happen, we must train ourselves to listen and be alert to the slightest word or action with the power to reveal our primary virtue. When we are children, and an adult notices something we do well and mentions it, we see ourselves as special and tell ourselves, subconsciously: “This is the way I am. I like doing this, and I do it well.”

We then seek to please using the qualities attributed to us, and feel a great sense of self-worth. Later, as we approach adulthood, we quickly gain skill at wielding those strengths. Farther down the road, in our work, we are in demand for our expertise. That word, work, so often equates to obligation, inevitability, and an expression we hear frequently: “no other choice.” But if you exploit your gift to the fullest, you never (or very seldom, anyway) have the impression that you’re really working—because then it’s about motivation, effortlessness and fun.

Trusting Young People

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Boost Your Self Believe

Encouraging our young people to be who they are, and not what we as parents or society want them to become, is the best attitude to have if we want their gifts to reveal themselves and blossom. Too often, when making decisions and discriminating between what’s good or bad for us and our loved ones, we create insecurity. But when we have confidence, we can overcome the barriers that keep us from turning ideas into action in life; that throw us into doubt while chipping away at our self-worth. Listening to what our hearts are trying to tell us and making decisions accordingly is a smart goal to focus on to achieve the success that is waiting for us.

Seeking and Persevering

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Learn From Successful People

If you happen to have found the gift that was freely given to you, then count yourself fortunate that you can enjoy the important role that is yours to play. It means you’ve already developed to your full potential—or you’re on the road to it. What matters is that you believe in your own means. In your ability to have confidence in yourself and in the success, large or small, that awaits you along that road. With a little effort and action, you’ll get to where you’re supposed to go.

“Know thyself:” learning to do that is the key. Delve into your past and find the things that used to bring you contentment. Who inspired you, and why? Who were your idols, and what paths did they take? What person is deserving of the things you’re ready to give? It’s vital that you surround ourselves with people who share your opinions and your aspirations. When you do, the road to success is a lot easier—and, above all, a lot more fun.

Success and your Gift

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Gift of Life

There are successes large and small—and many definitions of success. For some, success is synonymous with material wealth. For others, it’s about self-actualization. Regardless of the meaning you ascribe to it, the key to achieving success is your gift. Why, and how, is that? Because your talent revealed is your greatest ally. With it, nothing is impossible any more. You feel it. It makes you feel good, and special. And when you feel special, your self-esteem grows immeasurably and gives you the impetus to fulfil your dreams.

Plus, there’s a bonus: all kinds of people will be inspired by you—and there’s no greater gratification in life than to feel you are useful to others. You now have the confidence to progress, ever onward. People around you start to rely on your refined expertise and your know-how. Without realizing it, you’re giving wings to others—and, in a completely natural fashion, the inspiree becomes the inspirer that humanity needs.

“What am I good at?” “What comes easily to me?” “What makes me proud and happy?” Ask yourself those questions, and you’ll find your vein of gold.

Some gifts from above:

  • The gift of manual dexterity: your hands make wondrous things.
  • The gift of selflessness: you care for others, and you love it.
  • The gift of mathematics: you can count and calculate in a flash.
  • The gift of creativity: you have ideas by the ton.
  • The gift of leadership: you lead well, and others follow.
  • The gift of rhythm: you move and dance with grace.
  • The gift of charisma: everyone wants to be your friend.
  • The gift of comfort: you bring calm to others.
  • The gift of energy: you’re unstoppable; endurance personified.
  • The gift of charm: no one (or just about) can say no to you.
  • The gift of strength: you radiate power, and make others feel safe.
  • The gift of art: you can create effortlessly.
  • The gift of sport: your body is a finely tuned athletic machine.
  • The gift of intelligence: you have a logical, insightful mind.
  • The gift of vision: you see far beyond your front door.
  • The gift of communication: you are an inspiring speaker.

We’ve all inherited at least one gift. It’s up to us to make it work for us!