Most Expensive Nail Polish Brands

Most Expensive Nail Polish Brands

Most Expensive Nail Polish Brands

Nail polishes form an integral part of the make-up kit. A well-manicured pair of hands looks as much appealing as a good looking face and adds to the style quotient of an individual.

But are these luxury nail polishes worth the price tag they come with? Definitely yes, when it comes to quality and finish. The trend is catching up very fast and there is much more to it than just plain simple colors. Let’s explore the best available nail polishes in the market -

1. Christian Louboutin - $50

christian louboutin

Ventured recently into the beauty market this brand has given tough competition to Chanel and Givenchy. With a smooth texture and deep pigmentation, a bottle will last for almost twenty wears. Lasts for a week with two layers and is very shiny.

2. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour- $27

chanel le vernis nail colour

The polish is great for layering as it is thinner than the most. Also layering provides different shades to the nail colour. Lasts long with little wear and tear even after a week.

3. Dolce and Gabbana - $25

dolce and gabbana

This lacquer has perfect consistency and glides very easily. With multi-polymer complex which is similar to gel polishes, the colour lasts for a week without chipping.  

4. Tom Ford Nail Lacquer - $32

tom ford nail lacquer

Eye catching colours and superb finish makes this polish a designer pick. It is long lasting and has a beautiful finish which is universally flattering.

5. Yves Saint Lauren La Lacque Couture - $27

ysl tie dye 7289

6. Marc Jacobs Enamoured Nail Lacquer - $18

marc jacobs nail enamored 104 funny girl

7. Givenchy - $20

givenchy nail rose addiction 16 swatch1

8. RGB - $18

rgb nail polish

9. Red Carpet Manicure - $60

red carpet manicure

10. Opi - $8.5

tc007 opi james bond skyfall nail polish

Make your beautiful hands shinier and sparkling with these nail paints. With much more than these brands available in the market, there is so much to choose from to beautify your hands.