Expensive Weekend Bags For Men

Expensive Weekend Bags For Men

Expensive Weekend Bags For Men

After the briefcases, weekend bags for men are the latest in fashion. Known for adding grace to men’s’ personalities, those have become the ultimate in male fashion. As though delivering the message that ‘the briefcase in the fist of man is out and a bag hanging stylishly over his shoulder is in’, expensive weekend bags are the ultimate desire of every macho man.

The elegant design of the weekend bags and case has made them the real passion of males’ bastion. Celebrities like David Beckham and Jay Z have made a style statement with their trend-setting bags.

Let’s know about some outstanding designs in the bags with their amazing costs;

1. Pineider Calfskin Boston Bag Price: $ 2,325

pineider calfskin boston bag

Famous as an instant hit from the 1974 collection, it is also the same year this company came into existence. A classic model in the range, this bag is quite fanciful and graceful to look at. 

2. Ferragamo Duffle Price: $ 2,400

ferragamo duffle

The bag has the embossed calf skin and the best advantage with this; it has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. When you are away to your dream destination, this bag could become your perfect companion. It could also fabulously match your needs for a short business trip.

3. Gucci- Leather Carry on Leather Price: $ 2,750

gucci  leather carry on leather

This sensation from Italy in the range of leather bags has double zipper for closure with a leather tag. With added pockets for smart phones and extra zip pockets, the week-end bag is quite an attraction. 

4. Tom Ford, Buckley Leather Duffel Bag- Price $ 3,460

tom ford, buckley leather duffel bag

5. Bottega Vanetta- Price $ 4,350

 5 weekend bags for men

6. Ralph Lauren Saddle weekender Bag- Price $ 4,950

ralph lauren saddle weekender bag

7. Louis Vuitton Neo Greenwitch Nomade Grand Damier Bag- Price $ 7,450 

louis vuitton neo greenwich nomade grand damier bag

Each of these weekend bags have a unique style and are irresistibly attractive.