Most Expensive designer watches for men

Most Expensive designer watches for men

Most Expensive designer watches for men

What makes a man complete? His shoes, his tie or a handsome watch donning his wrist? A man's fashion ensemble is incomplete without a wrist watch. And when it comes to designer watches, who doesn't yearn for a million dollar watch on his wrist, the owners pride and the neighbour’s envy.

Some these men's designer watches have smooth chronographs, beautifully crafted sun-dials with roman numbers and designer gemstones.

Let's review some of these quintessential master pieces

1. Romain Jerome Titanic DNA ( Price $ 319,000 )

romain jerome titanic dna

Every elite man in the world would want to wear this watch on his wrist. It manifests a flashy design that features a stain-finished blackened titanium casing fused with steel. The buyer can choose between a black rubber and crocodile leather strap.

2. Zenith Christopher Columbus ( Price $ 230,000 )

zenith christopher columbus

For men of class and taste the Zenith Christopher Columbus is a limited edition series only affordable by a few.  This masterpiece is built with a navigational compass at the 6 o’clock position inside a glass bubble.  Sleek, crisp and debonair, this watch is an enviable possession of any man.

3. Cartier ( Price $ 116,195 )


The name Cartier is synonymous with the chronograph watch brands. It is a class apart. Cartier has been significant in drafting some of the best masterpieces. The Astrotourbillon from Cartier comes in a white gold case. What makes it special is its seconds hand, which is fashioned from the finest materials and showcases the element of luxury.Among the other elite and unique wrist watches are:

4. The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold ( Price $ 43,600 )

the hublot big bang ferrari king gold

5. Rolex ( Price $ 33,250 )


6. Bvlgari ( Price $ 16,900 )


7. Choppard Super Ice Cube ( Price $ 1.1 million )

choppard super ice cube

8. Patek Philippe Skymoon ( Price $ 1.3 million )

patek philippe skymoon

9. Louis Moinet magistralis ( Price $ 860,000 )

louis moinet magistralis

These designer men's watches are a style statement in themselves. Apart from serving their purpose, their beauty and unique features make their owner cherish them for a life time.