Most Expensive Luggage Bags and Brands

Most Expensive Luggage Bags and Brands

Most Expensive Luggage Bags and Brands

Good luggage bags could make your travel really comfortable. Designed by the experts, those give you convenience in travelling from place to place. The classy designs of the bags are really attractive. The expensive luggage bags in the top brands are constant companions of the richest of the rich travellers. For them, travel is the occasion, when they could show off their richness in expensive luggage gear to one and all.

The advanced features of the expensive bags make them really convenient to carry around. The markets around the globe offer various brands in the expensive luggage bags segment.

The top brands are as follows;

1. Tumi’s Alpha Luggage Bag Price: $ 5,500

tumi alpha luggage bag

It is beyond doubt that Tumi is the best brand in American luggage market. With its travel bags and suitcases with other travel accessories, it gives unique products to its buyers. Combining latest technology with design and style, it gives its best brand- ‘Alpha’. 

2. Swaine Adeney brigg’s Windsor Price: $ 6,500

swaine adeney briggs windsor luggage bag

The above famous brand is the constant companion of famous personalities like Price Charles and the Queen of England. Each luggage has specific utility to meet the needs of its clients. 

3. Valextra Avietta Luggage Set Price: $ 7,600

valextra avietta luggage set

This brand is the most famous brand from Italy. Designed with Pirelli wheels, the luggage offers awesome comforts during travel. Fitted with carry-on bags and trolleys, the luggage has many utilities for their famous buyers.

4.  James Bond Special Edition Luggage set- Price $ 12, 800

james bond special edition luggage set

5. Luois Vuitton’s Leather Luggage set- Price $ 60,000

luois vuittons leather luggage set

6. Tumi Vapor Luggage- Price $ 857.51

tumi vapor luggage

The expensive luxury bags in luggage segment have a number of utilities, which are exclusive. Those are the ultimate in sophistication and luxury luggage. With their classy looks, the luggage bags in the top brands have the appreciation of rich and famous.