Most Expensive Colognes

Most Expensive Colognes

Most Expensive Colognes

This time around we have come up some among the most expensive men’s cologne that money can possibly buy. It is usually said that ladies pay attention to men simply because of how they smell and not how they look! Might be an overstatement but true nevertheless.

The science of desirability has a lot to do with the idea of smell; it is the initial thing anyone notices about the other. For the reason that men are identified to sweat 50% further than women do, it becomes absolutely compulsory that he must smell good if not great to attract his lover!

1. Clive Christian No.1 Pure Perfume for Men - $2,350

clive christian

The Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for Mentops the list of the most expensive men’s cologne ever created. Apart from the fact that it is manufactured from few of the atypical constituents from around the globe, it is enclosed in a bottle that is made of crystal with a neck of gold.

2. Caron’s Poivre - $2,000

caron’s poivre

This is a fragrance created for both men and women. Although there has at all times been a lot of debate on whether it suits men better or women, the point is that it has been everywhere since 1954 and is,in spite of everything, selling regardless of its heavy price tag.

3. Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien - $1,500 


Next up on this list, we have got Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien. It is the third most expensive in the world and costs $1500. Not all colognes smell woody or fiery; a renewed citrus cologne can go with a man just as brilliantly. This scent was fashioned for Goutal’s adoration for Tuscany.

4. Ambre Topkapi - $610

ambre topkapi

5. Clive Christian C Perfume - $375

clive christian c perfume

6. Clive Christian 1872 - $310

clive christian 1872

7. Straight to Heaven by Kilian - $225

straight to heaven by kilian

8. L’eau Serge Lutens - $150

leau serge lutens

Some of you must have already got a shock of your lives, on having a look at the prices of these splendid colognes, and naturally so! However, every single one of them is completely worth spending those dollar bills, only if you can come up with the money for to do that!