Most Expensive Flute

Most Expensive Flute

Most Expensive Flute

Flutes are in  the category of woodwinds and unlike other similar instruments produce a very pleasant soft  sound  without using a reed. Flutes produce sound using the flow of air . Generally called a  flutist, the flute is known for its pleasant and sweet sounding tones that easily blend with various other instruments.

Flute manufacturers like the Powell Company use precious metals to make their flutes because of their denseness, attractive luster and malleability. Silver, gold and platinum alloy are the most used of the precious metals. Platinum alloy flutes are thought to be the best sounding flutes because of their dark, penetrating sound as well as its ability to maintain stable pitches with different dynamic levels.

1. Muramatsu D S Flute  – $ 8,900


A complete solid silver construction with a handmade headjoint which has been carefully researched, designed and tested to allow players to produce a wide range of great tone colors. Keys are attached via the French pointed arm system where the rods pass through the center of the keys.

2. Powell Handmade Conservatory Silver Flute - $ 8,170

powell handmade conservatory silver flute

From head to foot, Powell’s Sterling Silver Handmade Conservatory series flute is constructed out of solid silver. Its design is made for a resonant, vibrant sound with great projection. Pin-less construction eliminates very small needles connecting keys to the instruments mechanics thereby reducing risk of damage and corrosion to the delicate key system.

3. Haynes Handmade Drawn Tone Hole Model Professional Flute - $ 9,750

haynes handmade drawn tone hole model professional flute

The Haynes Handmade Drawn Tone Hole model flute is constructed out of solid silver including the body, foot and headjoint. Drawn tone holes are shaped using the material of the flute body itself instead of soldering on additional metal thus providing less resistance when blowing making it a more responsive flute.

4. Trevor James - Recital Flute – ST3 Concerti - $ 950

trevor james   recital flute  st3 concerti

With a solid silver Flute Makers Guild of London headjoint, the Trevor James Recital ST3 Concerti provides players with a beautiful sound and lots of flexibility. Soldered tone holes are fixed to the body as separate pieces of metal which adds additional weight to the flute and darkens the tone while providing more resistance when blowing into the instrument.

5. Pearl Flutes Cantabile 8800 Series Professional Flute - $ 8,200

pearl flute

6. Yamaha YFL 221 – Student Flute - $ 808

yamaha yfl 221  student flute

7. Pearl PF 500 Series Student Flute - $ 950


8. Gemeinhardt 2SP Series Student Flute - $ 420

gemeinhardt 2sp series student flute

9. Bundy BFL 300 Flute - $ 650

bundy bfl 300 flute

10. Jupiter 511RBS Series Student Flute with B-Foot - $ 1,325

jupiter 511rbs series student flute with b foot

Flute is a very soft musical instrument which enlivens the environment with it’s soft on the ears music.