Most Expensive Number Plates

Most Expensive Number Plates

Most Expensive Number Plates

Having a personalized number plate is a costly affair. You must have noticed that these cost few million dollars. You can design your own car number plates which are now available in varieties of colors, shapes and with varied themes. These are either done by the retailers or you can also register online to get your own car number plate. 

You can decide each and every detail of your own plate, such as plate sixe, text style, plate border, plate background, choice of a badge, or you can also have a separate space for your favorite slogan.  Following are the world’s most expensive number plates given below!

1. “1” - £7 Million

one number plate

Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri surpassed the record which was made earlier by Talal Khoury by buying the number plate with the sole digit “1” from an auction held at Abu Dhabi. He paid such an exorbitant price that it became the most expensive number plate in the world. He said that he bought it because “1” is the best number but did not reveal which of his cars would have the number plate.

2. “5” - £3.5 Million  

five number plate 
Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury created a record when he paid a sky rocket price for buying the number plate with the digit “5” making it the second most expensive plate ever bought. In the same auction he also paid an inflated amount again to purchase another plate with the digit “55”. He then mentioned that the digits had no special significance to him.

3. “F1” - £440,000

f number plate

This number plate is bought by Yorkshire based car tuning tycoon Afzal Khan who has it registered onto his Mercedes SLR McLaren. He left behind Mike McCoombs previous records of purchasing this plate. He adds that this number plate is worth ten times the amount he has paid to acquire it; hence he does not regret the amount of money he has invested in it.

4. “M1” - £330,000

m1 number plate

5. “VIP 1” - £285,000

vip1 number plate

Purchasing the most expensive number plate in the world adds another feather to the luxurious car that you own. It multiplies that grace and outlook that your car has when it’s put among other cars. It can stand out in a crowd and thus define your lifestyle and sophistication. Thus this investment is worth taking a chance!