Most Expensive Restaurants in Miami Beach

Most Expensive Restaurants in Miami Beach

Most Expensive Restaurants in Miami Beach

Miami’s magic lies in its unparalleled diversity. Walk down any street in Miami and you’re sure to hear at least three different languages. Experience the melting pot of cultures up close as your order appetizers, entrees, cocktails, wine, beer and desserts of typical international cuisines.

Cultures from around the world call Miami their home away from home, come taste the flavors of comfort food from around the world. The cuisine of Miami is a reflection of its diverse population, with a heavy influence especially from Caribbean cuisine and from Latin American cuisine.

Let’s now have a look at some of the most expensive restaurants in Miami beach.

1. Casa Tua

casa tua

Translated to mean “Your House” one will feel at home thanks to a cosy Ralph Lauren inspired decor. Feast on the best Italian food in Miami with homemade gnocchi, delectable sea bass, and the best tiramisu one will ever have. For large parties, try to snag the chef’s table in the kitchen where it really feels at home. If you want to dance the night away or finish off dinner with a passion fruit margarita try your luck at getting into the members only lounge upstairs.

2. Barton G :


This is a special occasion restaurant known for putting an unexpected twist on traditional comfort foods-Mouse Trap Mac and Cheese and Lobster Pop Tarts anyone? Cocktails created with liquid nitrogen are guaranteed to make your celebration a memorable one.  At $36 this is Miami’s most expensive martini. Bottoms up! For an unforgettable dining experience reserve a table at the former Versace Mansion location.

3. Nobu :


If you think Nobu is so 10 years ago, think again. Tucked away in the Shore Club hotel this place is still jam packed, so unless you want to sit at the sushi bar call ahead for reservations. With a glamorous crowd and menu that’s perfect for a late, pre-clubbing dinner this place gets the party started early.

4. Prime 112 :


With so many mouth-watering steak houses in SoBe to choose from, somehow everyone ends up at Prime 112. Try the double wedge salad (Iceberg and Butter lettuces) and personalize the classic filet with a long list of sauces that include Béarnaise and Chimichurri.  For something different try the fondue and Kobe beef sliders.

5. Ola


6. Tantra


7. Asia de Cuba


8. Joe’s Stone Crab

joes stone crab

9. Hakkasan


10. Azul


Dining out at one of Miami’s exclusive hot spots isn’t just about the amazing food. It’s more about being surrounded by the beautiful restaurant décor, the glamorous crowd, and having the best table and the impossible 9pm reservation.