Most Expensive Housing Markets

Most Expensive Housing Markets

Most Expensive Housing Markets

A housing market interacts with different parts of the economy in a variety of ways. The factors which steer the house prices are the revenue, the housing stock, population, the obtain ability of credit, the rates of interest, and insulated appreciation.

The topper on this list is Monaco where $1million equals 15 Sq. Metres of area. It is the costliest area to have a residence. Housing security and down payment restraints are vital to understand the house-price variations are important in clarifying medium-term consumption variations!

1. Monaco - $1m for every 15 SQ. Metres


In the first spot on this list of the most expensive housing markets is Monaco. With a rate of 1 million dollars for every 15 square metres of area, the principality of Monaco is the costliest market!

2. Hong Kong - $1m for every 20.6 SQ. Metres

hong kong

In case you are planning to settle down in Honk Kong, don't make a huge mistake of packing too much. Hong Kong is on our list of the most expensive housing markets. In Hong Kong, a   million dollars will get you 20.6 square metres.

3. London - $1m for every 25.2 SQ. Metres


In London city, a million dollar bill can only get you 25.2 square metres. This equation between a million dollar bill and the area of housing property obtained, clearly justifies London’s position on the list.

4. Singapore - $1m for every 32.6 SQ. Metres


The lively and fun city of Singapore is a settler’s dream destination. However, the land is extremely tight in sprightly Singapore! Here for 1 million dollar only 32.6 square metres of area is available. Hence it is fourth on the list!

5. Geneva - $1m for every 34.7 SQ. Metres


6. New York - $1m for every 40.2 SQ. Metres

new york

7. Sydney - $1m for every 41.2 SQ. Metres


8. Paris - $1m for every 41.7 SQ. Metres


It is a dream for people from other countries to settle in any of these cities because they are luxurious and also provide immense opportunities. However, the rates at which property is available in these cities make their reveries more distant!