Most Luxurious Gyms

Most Luxurious Gyms

Most Luxurious Gyms

Healthy people are not supposed to go to any typical gym, but to get strong and ever fit body; it allows you to set up for a bodybuilding. They also comprehend the fact that it is highly significant to feel comfortable working out at the gym, since the feel of being home really boosts up one’s energy as well as mood for sport.

Such people don’t bother spending huge to become a member of highly expensive and luxurious gym. Let’s check out some of the most luxurious gyms that set apart from others in the world.

1. Athletes’ performance gym, Phoenix, Arizona

athletes performance gym

For having the most exclusive and expensive training programs in the world, Athletes performance gym tops the list. It costs about 30, 000 dollars per year or above to become a part of the premier executive training program of the gym.

2. Wellness sky, Serbia

the wellness sky

The magnificent look of this gym would certainly make anyone realize its luxury inside. Incorporating some of the world-class amenities and the cost of $30, 000 annual membership, and Wellness sky gym deserves to be the part of list resembling a gigantic recreation center housing all the gym facilities and services.

3. The Houstonian club, Houston, Texas

the houstonian club

While considering the aspects like size, amenities and membership, this club is no doubt to be in the list of most luxurious gyms. Covering the area of 125, 000 square feet, three pools, eight tennis courts and a boxing ring form the most noticeable features of the Houstonian club.

4. E At Equinox, New York

e at equinox

Combining both luxury and fitness training, E has full time professional in exercise science monitoring metabolic rates, body compositions and movement analyses of the members constantly. These Luxurious Gyms are highly conscious about serving the high-end clients to stay competitive. They make sure paying attention to each detail, keeping track of what is new in the fitness industry.

5. The Harbour Gym, London

the harbour gym

6. Gold’s Gym, CA

golds gym

7. Tiger Muay Thai Gym, Thailand

tiger muay thai gym

8. Drive 495, New York

drive 495, new york