Most Expensive Floating Hotels

Most Expensive Floating Hotels

Most Expensive Floating Hotels

When you look out for a bit of adventure blended with quality tourism, you can go for the floating hotels. Unlike the luxury hotels which have been traditionally serving the people, these floating hotels are the perfect choice for a change in the heart of water bodies.

You will have the perfect taste of tourism and luxury when you count on the comfort of these expensive floating hotels. You should experience this exotic pleasure at least once to charm up your conscience. After all, this is a new flavour of tourism. The top ten expensive floating hotels are as follows:

1. Soneva Gili by Six Senses, Male, Maldives - $886 per person per day

soneva gili by six senses,male, maldives

This is located in the crystal clear waters in the city of Male in the Maldives Islands in Asia. It has flight and speedboat facilities to reach the resort from the beach. It has a spectacular tropical milieu, revitalizing wellness amenities and capable therapists carrying out an ample variety of healing, pampering treatments and beauty treatments. It has 40 villas for its guests. The villas are made of recyclable construction materials.

2. Punta Caracol, Panama, South America - $528 per person per day

punta caracol,panama, south america

Located Panama waters in the Caribbean Sea, you will enjoy the solar panelled power systems and a good view of the beautiful islands and coasts. It is mainly for travellers looking for adventure tour and luxury tour at a single platform.

3. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa - $512 per person per day

bora bora lagoon resort   spa

Located in French Polynesia, this hotel has 44 exotica over water bungalows. It has some beachside garden view rooms for the guests to enjoy the beauty. One can see 2,385-foot-high Mount Otemanu from this hotel. It is ideal for honeymoon love-birds.

4. Dragon Inn Floating Resort - $498 per person per day

dragon inn floating resort

This is perfect for vacations and you will enjoy the bamboo thatched when you visit this place. This floating hotel has rooms and huts that are worth visiting. It is best for a perfect tourist season. Rooms are lined with bamboo trees which give a feel of the forest.

5. Oberoi Udaivilas, India - $300 per night

oberoi udaivilas, india

6. King Pacific Lodge, Canada - $ 250 per person per day

king pacific lodge, canada

7. ReefWorld, Australia - $215 per person per day

reefworld, australia

8. Floating & Rotating Hotel Tower, UAE - $200 per stay

floating   rotating hotel tower,

9. Aerohotel - $150 per night


10. Conrad Maldives - $100 per day


So, the next time you plan to go for high profile tourism, you need to count on any of these hotels to gain the experience of quality tourism. There is a lot of luxury waiting for you when you count on any of these hotels.