Most Expensive Hotels In Canada

Most Expensive Hotels In Canada

Most Expensive Hotels In Canada

Planning for a trip or perhaps a business tour? Well, if you have got no expense barrier, then luxurious hotels are not out of the reach from your grasp. Canada is one of the highly sought destinations, despite of its overshadowed popularity.

Hotels in Canada can be grandeur and offer lavish accommodations. With best comforting facilities, Canada offers endless list of hotels in respective regions. The hotels can range from minimal rents to stash of cash. Be prepared to empty your pockets when planning to stay in the mentioned hotels.

1. The Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, British Columbia- $ 6,000

fairmont pacific rim, vancouver, british columbia  $ 6,000

This luxurious hotel will make your business trip a worth. The Chairman’s Suite is the most reckoned room in the hotel with a cost of $6,000 per night. The hotel covers the area of 2,650 square foot, with a glass walled building.

2. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Flores Island, British Columbia- $5,500

clayoquot wilderness resort, flores island, british columbia  $5,500

A complete package of the hotel cost covers three night package, which include meals, activities, and round trip air tickets from Vancouver. The stay is accommodated in a royal tents, located in the rainforest.

3. King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island, British Columbia- $4,750

king pacific lodge

This hotel is an adventure of its own kind. The package is of three night stay, which can raise up to $12,000 for an exclusive package.

4. The Hazelton Hotel, Toronto, Ontario- $3,000


This hotel is located in one of the most posh areas of the Canada. With an average price of room sitting at $500, the hotel reserves some exquisite rooms with hefty charge for accommodation.

5. The W, Montreal, Quebec-$2,500

w montreal

6. The Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise, Alberta-$1,500

fairmont chateau lake louise 50

7. The Wickinnish Inn, Tofino, British Columbia- $1,500

ibi wickaninnish inn bc 01

8. Four Seasons, Toronto, Ontario- $532 average

four seasons hotel on avenue road in yorkville dscf3414

9. Hotel de Glace, Quebec City, Quebec- $500 average

de glaccccccccc

10. Rosewood Hotel, Georgia-$500 average


Canada may be a less populated country, but it holds no surprises to the adventures it has to offer for the visitors. Visiting the country will be the ideal holiday destination for the travelers.