Most Expensive Medical Schools in US

Most Expensive Medical Schools in US

Most Expensive Medical Schools in US

Medicine schools stand the first choice of all bright and ambitious students across the world. For the convenience of nation’s future doctors, the following list covers ten most expensive medical schools in the US based upon their tuition and fees.

These costs exclude accommodation, books, and other miscellaneous costs. Irrespective of their high costs these schools in the US still receive the highest number of applications every year from all over the world.

1. Tufts University ($61,436)


This leader in the list of medical schools has made its brand a premium one with many things, such as its study abroad programs and internationalism, its creative platform for students and staff for their research’s and as an engaging medical school. It is located near Boston.

2. Columbia University ($61,145)

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It is the Fifth oldest school in the US, located in the New York and does not follow the traditional four-year curriculum, instead has its own training method. Students get best of practical experience through university’s affiliated hospitals and centers.

3. Dartmouth University ($60,468) 


Geisel School of medicine is well known for its expertise in the Primary care and biomedical research, its diverse homogenous classes, commitment to providing the best teaching and research environment. It also offers dual degree programs and is located in Hanover.

4. Case Western Reserve University ($57,050)


Ohio’s Largest biomedical research institute has long time reputation of the best school in internal medicine and biomedical research and is among the nation’s top twenty-five institutes. It offers the traditional degree as well as combined degree programs and remains atop medical research's.

5. Northwestern Feinberg University ($56,212) 


6. University of Southern California ($54,653)


7. Temple University, PA ($54,268)


8. Harvard University ($53,496)

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9. Washington University


10. Boston University ($51,548)


Prospective students appear to be willing to overlook the expense so as to attend a top-ranked school of medicine, though. Maybe because they are aware that once they start practicing, they will be able to repay all loans or debts in no time.