Most Expensive Homes in America

Most Expensive Homes in America

Most Expensive Homes in America

The home which gives you th pleasure of heaven. A dream home is something with all the necessities and every thing which you desire and crave for. Here is the list of most expensive homes in the America, Some will leave you dumbfounded and Some of them will astound you, and you will keep wondering that whether it's a home or some other heavenly asset.

These homes are built only because there are filthy rich people who are ready to spend millions and billions for their dream home. These are all in the posh location with a spectacular viewing all around it.

1. Copper Beech Farms, aka the - $ 190 million estate

copper beech farms

The home is massive, and has twelve huge and brilliantly furnished and extremely well ventilated bedrooms attached with nine bathrooms. There's a hefty kitchen and even a wing for all the hired staff . It has everything you need, a spa, tennis court, swimming pool, theatre, clock tower and lot more.

2. The Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel - $ 125 million

the penthouse at the pierre hotel

Its the most expensive and the largest  apartment in whole New York. The 41st, 42nd and 43 rd floor together encompass the penthouse of the Pierre hotel. It looks breathtaking and has everything you need to own as luxury. You can see the entire part of Manhattan and it looks spectacular.

3. Big Homer's Pond - $ 118 million

big homer s pond

It's more than brilliant when it comes to the view surrounding the house. It has got four massive bedrooms with six hefty bathrooms. But the area have not been used exclusively, a lot more could be done apart from providing a not so impressive guest house and a pool. It doesn't deserve $ 118 million.

4. The Legendary Beverly House - $ 115 million

the legendary beverly house

The house is carved very beautifully with breathtaking designs and architectures. Fully embellished  beautiful Hand crafted materials and the house has all the luxuries. from a gym to spa, a theatre, water fall, massage room, dining room, breakfast room and a lot more.

5. Estate and Lands of de Guigne - $ 100 million

estate and lands of de guigne

6. Penthouse at City Spire - $ 100 million

penthouse at city spire

7. Sherry-Netherland, Apartment - $ 95 million

sherry netherland, apartment

8. Snowmass Estate - $ 75 million

snowmass estate

9. Tranquility - $ 75 million


10. Casa Casuarina - $ 75 million

casa casuarina

Every one has a secret desire of owning a dream home at the place they love. Although these houses are extremely expensive but luxurious life they offer makes people crave for them. They are astounding and extravagant; which make them attract the costumers. Each and eveyone has its unique designs and they are all incredible.