Most Expensive Baby Clothes

Most Expensive Baby Clothes

Most Expensive Baby Clothes

Babies are the apple of the eye for the parents and they want to give them the best. Dresses also come in the list of the best. There are big brands in the world which sell the best babies dresses. With parents willing to spend more money on dresses and in turn see their kids dressed in these cute dresses with matching shoes.

Many of the dresses listed below are very expensive and common man cannot afford them. Rich parents buy these clothes to maintain their status.

1. Little Boy's Quilted Leather Jacket from Gucci Price - $ 2350

quilted jacket

Leather is very expensive, this Brown Leather Jacket is quilted adding an extra cuteness to your kid when he wears them with jeans. It gives a formal look to your boy. The design matches the style trending in the market

2. Infant's Christening Coat from Dolce & Gabbana - Price $1875

infants christening coat from dolce gabbana

This long coat infant frock in pink looks beautiful. It has netted lace below the frock. This frock has a formal look and can be worn for occasions like Christening.

3. Metallic Lace Dress from Dolce & Gabbana Price $ 1825

metallic lace dress from dolce   gabbana baby clothes

This metallic lace dress from the leaders of fashion gives your girl a stylish look. Golden sandals will complete the look and make your baby girl look gorgeous.

4. Boy s Outfit from Burberrry Price $ 1345

boy s outfit from burberry

This Boys outfit from Burberry features Leather Fur Jacket, White Shirt and Denim Jeans. A pair of matching white sneakers will complete the look. Make your boy look gorgeous in this outfit.

5. Girls outfit from Burberry - Price $ 1290


6. Girls Floral Brocade Jacket from Dolce & Gabbana - Price $1070

girls floral brocade jacket from dolce gabbana

7. Girls Silk Floral outfit from Dolce & Gabbana - Price $1025

girls silk floral outfit from dolce gabbana

8. Little Boy`s Two piece Wool & Silk Suit set from Dolce & Gabbana - Price $835

little boys two piece wool silk suit set from dolce gabbana

9. Infant's Sequin Cashmere Blend Dress from Dolce & Gabbana - Price $ 685

infants sequin cashmere blend dress from dolce gabbana

10. Shirt and Pants set from Please Mum - Price $455


The clothes listed above will make your kid look attractive and stylish as well. When your kids wear these clothes they are sure to stand out from the crowd.