10 of the Most Expensive Hotel Renovations Ever

10 of the Most Expensive Hotel Renovations Ever

10 of the Most Expensive Hotel Renovations Ever

Luxury hotels are a way of making a traveler feels special and pampered. There have been many hotel modifications across the world to please the tourist so let us see which are the most expensive hotel renovations ever in the world.

1. The  El Encanto, Santa Barbara: $134 million in 2013

the el encanto, santa barbara

A perfect luxury resort his lovely Californian fare had the most expensive hotel renovations ever and is a very well done up updated structure with new bungalows with complete privacy et al. There are other facilities which make it worth a visit for sure.

2. The Loews Regency Hotel, Manhattan: $100 million in 2014

the loews regency hotel, manhattan

The hotel was shut down for a year and then was renovated with the best spa, bar, salon and very good specialty suites. The glamour and grandeur has been retained and today this hotel which catered to great persona like Monaco’s Princess Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, Prince Rainier, and Richard Burton is an icon.

3. The Peninsula, Hong Kong: $60 million in 2013

the peninsula, hong kong

Earlier the New York’s Helmsley Hotel it was later taken on by the Westin Hotels and has the best of beiges and browns with the perfect Westin look. With a view of a spectacular skyline across the city, the curtains, carpets, furniture were all renovated and today it is amongst the most expensive hotel renovations ever.

4. The Gritti Palace, Venice: $57 million in 2012

at $638000

The Gritti Palace is famous for its renovation in the 19th century when it got transformed from a very tacky joint to a culturally royal hub for film stars, writers and artists. Hemingway, Woody Allen, John Ruskin are some of the notable personalities who came here.

5. The Le Lutetia, Paris : $137 million in 2017

the le lutetia, paris

6. The Vancouver Habitat Housing Initiative: $144 million in 2016

the vancouver habitat housing initiative$144 million in 2016

7. The MGM Grand, Las Vegas : $160 million in 2012

the mgm grand, las vegas

8. The Savoy, London: $260 million in 2010

the savoy, london

9. The  Hyatt Regency, New Orleans: $275 million in 2011

the hyatt regency, new orleans

The luxuries in hotels across the world certainly surpass the level of maintenance and the most expensive hotel renovations ever are certainly worth a visual candy.

10. Ritz, Paris

ritz paris