What Self Made Means to Me

What Self Made Means to Me

What Self Made Means to Me

Not accepting the social “norms.” Breaking out of mediocrity. Asking the tough questions. Going against the grain. Taking the path less traveled. Buying when everyone else is selling.

Taking a chance when everybody is playing it safe. Choosing growth in the face of doubt. Punching fear in the face. Getting up after you get knocked down: not once, but every time. Controlling your own destiny. Taking action. Learning. Become self-made.

1. Reflect of Feelings

reflect of feelings

Momentum in Life

 How do these phrases make you feel?

Let’s reflect: Do you want to turn away from the screen while reading these? Did you feel uncomfortable? Or, did you become excited and motivated? Take a second and think about what you can do today to move closer to feeling confident,not just reading and thinking about these types of actions, but becoming excited about them. 

2. Becoming Self Made

becoming selfmade

Self Confidence

Understand this: your belief system will not change overnight. Cliché, I know – but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you will not embody the Selfmade belief system in one day either. Becoming Selfmade is a process, not an event.I am a big proponent of walking the walk, so I do not have to talk the talk. The way you carry and present yourself to others speaks louder than the posts, tweets, and wishful conversations we talk about.

There are a lot of what I call “wantrapreneurs.” These are people who want to believe they are becoming Selfmade, want to tell everyone about it, but their actions speak otherwise. Don’t be $30,000 millionaire. What I mean is, defer gratification while you embrace the hustle all the while, knowing you are building something great.

“A nation is born stoic, but dies epicurean.” – Will Durant

3. Staying Consistent

staying consistent image

Consistently Successful

Let’s prove this infamous statement wrong. Becoming Selfmade means working like no one else does right now, so we can live like no one else can later.Embrace the grind. Success is a process, not an event. Learners are earners. Delay gratification. Take a right when everyone else is taking lefts. Punch fear in the face. Get up when you get knocked down, time after time. Stay consistent. Persevere.