3 Things Real Men Say

3 Things Real Men Say

3 Things Real Men Say

Now before we all jump to our emotional assumptions about the difference between Men and Women (which is quite a lot),  let me tell you that my three daughters, my wife, my former wife, my Mother, and both my Grandmothers have all has a part in teaching me what it is to be a real Man.  My father did also, but from quite a different perspective.

Now-a-days, most fathers and mothers both work to support their family and help provide a more affluent lifestyle for themselves and their children.

1. Trending


Change in Your Life

All of us have observed that society’s expectations of Men are that we are always strong, never show emotion, act decisively, are courageous, and rarely run from a challenge.   Vulnerability, tenderness, and compromise are usually not considered “manly’ unless of course it’s “Father-Daughter” Day at work!  Well a funny thing has happened over the last three generational with the roles of Men and Women particularly in the family.   

They also can afford to be more generous to non-profit organizations that serve the less fortunate in our society.  All of that is good news and it has implications for more shared roles in child rearing as well as outside the home in workplace team building, and even in political leadership and professional sports.  But in the final analysis, we are not defined by what sex we are. We are defined by what’s between our ears and the savoir-faire we have had the good fortune to learn.  Now what are the three things that real Men say?

2. I am Sorry 

i am sorry

 Now for the young men reading this, just having those words cross your lips is not so easy.   But get used to saying them even if you don’t mean them.  Eventually you will get to a place in your life where you DO mean it and good things will start to happen.  Let’s face it; all of us (Men & Women) are not perfect.  We never were, we are not now, and we will never be perfect!  But that doesn’t mean we don’t try to be!  So step up and if you ARE sorry, then say it out loud.

3. I Changed My Mind

i changed my mind

Peaceful Mind

 How many times do we Men jump to conclusions, feel the urge to act decisively, and say the first thing that comes into our mind.  I don’t know about you, but I am always catching myself doing that and usually I end up being off base because I did not take the time to get all the facts.  So if that happens to you, step up and admit your quick and inaccurate conclusion and set the record straight.

4. I was Wrong  

i was wrong  

This is the tough one.  But it is the most powerful thing you can say to someone to set things right.  Think about it.  Would you rather have someone else tell you that you were wrong or would it be better for you to do the heavy lifting here and be strong enough to admit AND endure a misjudgment?  Usually, I am wrong when my emotions blind me to the clarity of careful reflection. Am I taking the time to see though their eyes, walk in their shoes, or feel their emotions?  Empowerment come with the discovery of your inner strength. (Overcome Stress)

5. The Daily Mirror

the daily mirror

Daily Life

So be ready to say these words in your day-to-day life.  And you can say this to Men, Women, and especially Children.  Real Men are real (and so are real Women).  Every morning, get up and while you are in the bathroom, look yourself in the eye (in your mirror) and say these three things.  You may be surprised to find that your day will go quite well!