Forgiving Heals the Soul

Forgiving Heals the Soul

Forgiving Heals the Soul

How to Forgive?

Have you ever experienced being angry and feeling burning inside?  When the mind is constantly thinking about the person who had hurt you, peace of mind is taken away for days or even months. 

If you think about it, it is actually true!In order to be calm, happy and free, we need to forgive constantly - not only for the sake of saving a relationship or creating harmony, but also for the sake of our own health and happiness. The idea basically relies on the transforming and transmuting effects of forgiveness on the aura and our chakras.Forgiveness transmutes the coarse vibrations of anger and resentment into love and happiness. It not only makes us happy and peaceful, but also has healing effects on our body.


“Forgiveness is not a matter of who is right or wrong. It is a matter of doing the right thing.” - Master ChoaKok Sui


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We have all experienced irritation, resentment, and the uncomfortable burning sensation it creates on our Solar Plexus area, which is located between the ribs. In complementary sciences, Solar Plexus is known as the center for Lower Emotions. Any lower emotion like anger, resentment, stress and worry get lodged at this center, affecting us negatively. Many severe ailments ranging from kidney failure and hypertension, to heart ailments and cancer have basically psychological origins.

Forgiveness is therapeutic! It helps to release such lower emotions and activate the Heart.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” - Lord Buddha

That is the reason for forgiveness, compassion and mercy to be considered as virtues that need to be developed, which can help transcend our soul and calm our emotions.Though we might have heard about forgiveness, practicing it is difficult, especially when we have been hurting for long. That is why some people need to consciously forgive again and again till the lower emotions are released.

So just follow the 5 simple steps and you are able to effectively forgive.

1. Open Your Heart & Love More

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“One forgives to the degree that one loves.” - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

First of all, let’s be honest. We often get hurt by people who are closest to us, and the reason is our close interaction.

“When two people interact closely, there is friction. The lubricant is Love – in the form of Loving Thoughts, Loving Feelings, Loving Words and Loving Actions.” -  Master ChoaKok Sui

When the loved once hurts us, we can’t forgive them easily because we feel they misused our trust and love. We start criticizing over and over, focus too much on problems and differences. We forget to see the happy moments we had shared together them. (Definitions of Pure Love)

Love is a lubricant! When there is love, there will be  openness,  sacrifice and  forgiveness. Why we can easily forgive our child's mistakes? Isn’t it the love that we feel towards them? When we extend such motherly love to everyone around us, we can easily forgive.

2. Put Yourself in Other Person’s Shoes


No one is perfect. As human beings, we all make mistake. Evolution requires time, process and lots of mistakes. So let’s not make a big fuss when someone makes a mistake. Let’s make ourselves capable of forgiving.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” - Mahatma Gandhi

So next time when someone makes you unhappy or frustrated, before reacting, wait for a moment, and think about the situation from different prespectives; maybe they just had a bad day felt insecure. Be the strong one who forgives first. Reacting in the midst of an argument has never worked, calm the situation and look for a proper time to discuss the matter.

3. Releasing Technique


Sometime despite thinking and convincing ourselves to forgive, we simply can’t; the hurt is too deep.

Releasing Technique can help us release the anger and feel light. This gives us the freedom to forgive, forget and let go.In this technique, you release all the pent up emotions.Write a letter to the person who has hurt you,this process of writing transfers the lower emotions from you to the paper. Once you finish writing, burn the paper.Burning helps to disintegrate the negative energies that are  gathered on the letter.

This will give an immediate feeling of happiness, calmness and relief.This can be done several times on several days, until the matter is resolved. (Live Happier with Positive Thoughts)

4. Forgiveness Affirmation


In order to have a harmonious and peaceful life we need to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Affirmation of Forgiveness is a very powerful technique, developed by Master ChoaKok Sui. In this technique, you visualize the person who have hurt you, and silently repeat a short affirmation. The whole process needs to be repeated 7 times for several days.


I Salute the divinity within you. We are all children of God. We all make mistakes.We are all evolving.You are forgiven.God’s blessings be with me and be with you.Go in peace”

Extracted from The Golden Lotus Sutras on Life, by Master ChoaKok SuiBy practicing this simple yet effective technique, after a while you will realize that you do not have anger and grudge towards that person anymore. Instead you can feel love, patience and kindness.

5. Meditation


Benefits of Meditation 

Meditatate on Twin Hearts. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a  powerful technique,it flushes out the negative thoughts, emotions and energies from the aura. It develops and strengthens our Heart and Crown chakras.

Heart chakra is the center for Higher Emotions including peace, happiness, compassion and tolerance. When the Heart chakra gets activated and Solar Plexus chakra gets purified during the meditation, you will feel more love and kindness towards yourself and other people. It is one of the best practices that not only helps you to forgive but also makes forgiveness as a part of life. Crown chakra is the center for universal love. Activation of the Crown leads to oneness. (Motivate Yourself for Meditation)


In the long run, Meditation on Twin Hearts improves our ability to forgive, forget and love people without expectation.

During this meditation, we become channels to bless the Earth with the energy of loving-kindness. Hence it becomes a great way of service to the world, by increasing the energies of peace and harmony.