8 Ways to Bounce Back from a Demotion

8 Ways to Bounce Back from a Demotion

8 Ways to Bounce Back from a Demotion

You are called in for a private meeting by your senior mentor; you are geared up to soak in some praises for the position you recently got promoted to and are doing well in. But what if your mentor tells you very quietly that he is replacing a certain colleague in your place. How do you react? At that point in time, the best you can do is nod your head or ask them why. But you still haven’t been able to soak in the gravity of the news. It’s only after sometime that you begin to feel angry, hurt, betrayed, belittled, and may be revengeful.

But here are 8 ways in which you can bounce back from a demotion:

1. Recognize What’s Lost 

recognize whats lost

When stripped away of status, control, security, and money, it is very easy to feel disheartened and lose faith in yourself. Your confidence takes a hit. However, instead of glooming over what’s lost, recognize why it happened. Answer questions honestly and that will help you bounce back.

2. Be Humble

be humble

You never expected to be replaced so easily. But this should get you out of any state of complacency. Prove yourself and rise up. This is a message by those managing the top and don’t be hesitant to turn to them for guidance. Don’t let your ego come in the way.

3. Control Your Emotions

control your emotions

When demoted, you are bound to feel belittled and might get revengeful and even take a dig at the person who’s replaced you. Control your emotions. Do not go around mocking the newly appointed person all around the office. Don’t wait for him to make a mistake and be the first to rebuke him.

4. Observe


When you lead, you only focus on your part. But when you are sitting at a distance and watching, you can see the picture in a different light. Observe how the new role is being played and where did you lack. Take this as a lesson and improve yourself.

5. Be Patient 

be patient

When demoted, it’s very difficult to be patient and wait to climb up the ladder again. But don’t forget that your peers are out there watching you and wondering how you’ll take the demotion. The best way to deal with it is to be patient and continue with your contribution to the team.

6. Appreciate the Perks You Earn

appreciate the perks you earn

You still are a part of the team and enjoy friendships and networking with colleagues and seniors. Enjoy the perks that still come to you for your contribution to team projects. You may have been demoted, but you still are very much a part of the organization and earn a steady pay cheque without worrying about a new job.

7. Find a New Role

find a new role

Your status, control, and security may have been robbed away but you have your own strengths which you can tap to contribute to the team and find a new role. Lead your team in your own ways with the experience and knowledge that you have.

8. Stick to the Team

stick to the team

Your peers and colleagues are still anticipating that you may throw a ruckus or throw in the towel and quit the team. Prove them wrong. Stick to your team and continue with your contribution.

While it's not easy to handle and deal with a demotion, but maturity and professionalism demand that you deal with it and the above-mentioned points should help you with the same.