Value of Patience

Value of Patience

Value of Patience

Do you know the value of patience in relationships? Are you patient when it comes to your love life? Ah, the relationships these days. Some might be like the rollercoaster, and some can be calm, nice, and subtle. We are all in the search of true love, and the partner that will make us happy until the rest of our lives.

Relationships can be tough. When you start an emotional relationship with someone, you learn about each other, and find what suits you both. When the first wave of passion and love starts to calm down, taking compromise and getting along will keep you together. After some time, your relationship is either getting better, or getting worse. All depends on the patience, agreement, and communication.

Patience can be very important factor for your relationship longevity and prosperity. Let’s see why the patience is important in relationship, looking from different angles or different stages in relationship.

Early beginnings


When your relationship is at the start, you’re full of emotions, happiness, can’t wait to see each other, and think about each other all the time. You’re happy. But then, your partner shows signs that you two are going too fast. This is completely normal, and the “slower” person to get on the love train is not to blame, or feel any kind of guilt; on the other hand, the “faster” lover must know the partner better, and slow things down a bit.

This is where patience comes in


Give some space to your partner; let him organize the next date, or let him call you first. Some people simply can’t get into the emotional relationship that fastand open themselves so easy. You have to be patient, because rushing things up can sabotage the relationship fast, especially if one side don’t want it that way. Don’t scare off the potential love of your life away by rushing with things. Things will be better in natural pace, and all will come together nice.

Getting mature


After some time, your relationship can grow into something more. You guys even decided to move and live with each other, or exchange keys to each other’s apartments. This step will change many things in your life, and if your love is strong and passionate, this change will improve it.

You probably wonder: “Why do I need to be patient now?”


Depending of the length of the relationship, and how much you two have gone through together, you might say that you know each other. But living together is a completely different story.  At this stage everything changes completely, and you have to know that changes can be stressful. In this period, sometimes awkward or unpleasant details comes up.

Your partner might be messy. Or its favorite habit of playing guitar at night freaks you out. Maybe your partner spends too much on alcohol. This type of things are the icing of the cake in relationship, when you look deep into his/hers personality, and find all flaws.

Patience is crucial here


If you love your partner, you’ll have to get along with these small flaws. The thing is that your partner probably have to get along with some of yours, too. So, patience is a virtue; if you really can’t bear with some of your partner’s flaws, a conversation and agreement goes a long way. Even if you have a deal to change some of the bad habits, patience is essential here as flaws can’t be turned off, and completely change in a person in one day.

You have to be tolerant, and persistent. Your relationship deserves this effort. Many times relationships fall apart when it comes to this stage. People seem to get along fine until they decide to move in. That’s why you need to know your partner well, and establish a deep connection to move forward.

Over and beyond


If your relationship is long, and you two are great mates after some time, chances are good that you made ton of compromises. A relationship’s worth is determined by the number of things you two went through together. Especially bad things. Many times in life, we encounter problems that aren’t related to our relationships, or love life, but get us so hard, that they impact everything in life. Sometimes life gets hard, and in those situations patience and mutual understanding are the best solutions.

Stress is never good, and who can understand you better than your soul mate, right? This goes both ways. And every time you’re in a tough position, your love and relationship must be the beacon of light that will guide you to safe shores.

That’s how you get old together.

Don’t be inpatient in relationships


Leave the things to go as it is meant to be, don’t rush with anything. Because long quality relationship is always better than dozen of bad ones. Everybody can have dozens of bad relationships; nowadays, one quality relationship is tougher, and more demanding. But, it also brings much more rewards to your life.