Top 10 Ways to Endorse Your Weaknesses

Top 10 Ways to Endorse Your Weaknesses

Top 10 Ways to Endorse Your Weaknesses

Our strengths and weaknesses live together within us. They are inseparable from a person. There isn’t anyone in this world who has only strengths to list; similarly, there isn’t anyone out there who has only weaknesses. Humans are bestowed with both the qualities, only the percentage of both qualities may differ. However, it's totally in our hands how we react to our weaknesses.

Often, we try to project our strengths and hide the weaknesses. By veiling our weaknesses, we cannot get rid of them. To turn ourselves into a better personality and to live a courageous life, it's very important to encounter our weaknesses too. Here are best ten ways to endorse your weaknesses.

1. Let People Know about It


The best way to deal with your weakness is to let people know about it instead of hiding them. This way, you ensure that people are aware of it and they do not go teasing you for it. Thus, you save yourself from awkwardness all the time.

2. Set Yourself Free

set yourself free

By accepting your weakness, you accept the truth, and by accepting the truth, you set yourself free. You liberate yourself from your current miserable state to proceed on the way of success. For example, if your weakness is your short temper, then accept it when you are pointed by someone about it or when you yourself realize it. Once the truth sets in, you will become conscious of it and start working on it.

3. Know Yourself

know yourself

Make an attempt to know yourself. Find out what are the things you cannot do nor can you do anything to improve it. After the analysis, you will know where not to waste your energy and where can you divert it to. The ultimate truth is that you cannot be master of all; so, just relax and do what you are good at.

4. Find Alternatives

find alternatives

Try to find alternatives to fix your weaknesses. For example, if your weakness is pressing darkness, then make sure you can access light whenever you are caught in darkness like by carrying a small torch.

5. Link Your Weakness to Your Strength

link your weakness to your strength

Make it even by linking your weakness with your strength. Now, if you have weakness of speech, or you cannot speak a sentence without stammering, but your greatest strength lies in your ‘writing’, then link them up. Present to the world in form of your write ups whatever you cannot communicate by speaking.

6. Join the Network

join the network

Yes, you can increase your network by joining groups of people who share the same weakness as yours. Together you can become a strength of each other to overpower your weakness and you get friends in bonus.

7. Feel Proud of Your Weakness

feel proud of your weakness

The way you administer your weakness is the way it will work for you. Consider your weakness as a gift to you and feel proud of it. Beware, feel proud, but don't be arrogant. For example, if you think your weakness is that you cannot reply rudely even to horrible people, then be proud that you have a very gentle nature.

8. Be Confident

be confident

When you perform any task with confidence, your weakness can never deviate you. Build confidence and do not let anything deter you. Eventually, you will notice that your weakness has either subdued or you have become so confident that you remain unperturbed of any difference.

9. Value Your Life

value your life

Until you value yourself, everything will appear as a trap. You can nurture your weakness and turn it into your biggest strength once you start feeling lucky and fortunate to have a life.

10. Stay Positive, Stay Happy

stay positive, stay happy

No weakness or strength can overpower your positivity. Think positive and you will find the entire cosmos in your favor. Your weakness will not trouble you if you do not let any negative thought cross your mind. So, stay positive and stay happy. Weaknesses are not sins but areas of improvement. Nurture your weaknesses and convert them into your strengths.