Handy Tips to Deal with Your Misogynist Boss

Handy Tips to Deal with Your Misogynist Boss

Handy Tips to Deal with Your Misogynist Boss

Even though the world today is screaming of feminism and every social media and network is flooded with messages of equality of men and women and every eminent personality is supporting women’s liberation, there are still many misogynist souls out there. They just cannot accept the presence of women around them. It’s not only men who are misogynist, sadly there are women too who are misogynists.

You may encounter them at any junction of your life, may be at home, in public area, or at your workplace. What if your boss turns out to be a misogynist? How are you going to deal with such a circumstance where you have to interact with him every day? Here are some handy tips exclusively for working women to deal with their misogynist boss:

1. Do not Just Ignore a Misogynist Boss

misogynist boss

You might have received advice from your close circle to just ignore your misogynist boss and to pay no attention to him. However, you must do exactly the opposite. Educate and make your colleagues and your higher bosses aware of the ongoing trait of your misogynist boss. If you choose to ignore, he might get encouraged to continue with his behavior. If you throw light on him, he may realize that his conduct is derogatory and that he must quit being a misogynist; or a warning from his senior will discourage him to speak or behave in a male-chauvinist manner. Moreover, by bringing him to the spotlight, you would be doing a favor to all the women at your workplace.

2. Do not Stay Quiet When You Encounter a Misogynist Boss

encounter a misogynist boss

If you don’t stand up and speak up to him, he will have a feeling of triumph and will continue to disrespect you. Answer back and point out to him that what he said is inappropriate. If you keep defending yourself, gradually he will realize that you are not an easy target. But be careful, when you speak to him, you yourself must not use any derogatory remarks against him. Be polite while defending yourself strongly. It will send the message that your class is quite high to drop to his level.

3. Maintain Professionalism


Follow work ethics at your workplace and keep your interaction limited and related only to the professional level with your misogynist boss. Do not give him any opportunity to take advantage in any way. Remember, your boss is only your another colleague, not a friend; hence, maintain the same relationship with him in the capacity of the task at hand. By being an absolute professional, you make it clear to him to be in his limits and not cross the boundary set by you.

4. Do not Lose Your Temper

do not lose your temper

No matter what comes, do not lose your temper. You may feel like abusing him or using the rude tone with him, but remember that he is your boss and may have the authority to evaluate you on which your promotion and success depend. Hence, it will be prudent to stay courteous. Moreover, he is a misogynist who is living in dark, not you. Remind yourself of your values and be polite but assertive.

5. Be Focused and Perform Exceptionally Well at Your Workplace

perform exceptionally well at your workplace

Misogynists love to emphasize how incapable females are. So, complete your task before the deadline. Perform exceptionally well and give him no chance to be rude to you or to point out your mistakes to you or the higher bosses. Stay optimistic and a misogynist boss can do you no harm.