10 Ways to Be Happier

Have you seen someone so full of merry pleasure all over their face and attitude and wonder why they are so happy? Did you ever face circumstances that seemed unbearable and wonder when you’ll be happy? Although happiness is a temporary emotion, it’s really up to us to be happy.

Having happy moments are great experiences, but it’s ok to choose to have a cheery outlook even during challenging times and when things are not going our way.

  • 1. Brings Sunshine to Others - Cheerful times can be contagious. When others see us feeling up and showing a sunny demeanor we encourage them to do the same, no matter what may or may not be going on.
  • 2. Open to Seeing the Good during the Bad - When we decide to be happy we are more open to receiving good days during difficult seasons.
  • 3. Broadens Our Imaginary - When we are in situations where we need to show or express our artistic works, happy moments can be the boost to expanding what we can imagine.
  • 4. You’re Rewarding Yourself  - Sometimes after doing a good job, giving your best and working hard, you need a treat. Treat yourself to a ray of happiness.
  • 5. Helping Others with Their Needs  - Often times a happy person is a helping hand. When we are happy we have the energy to get up and help somebody else.
  • 6. Teaching Others Valuable Lessons - Observers and watchful people are looking to see what they can learn. What do they see when they observe you? Perhaps your happy expressions can teach them more than you think.
  • 7. More Effective in Your Work/ Job - Happy people seem to be more productive in their work. When they don’t get the approval of others, they know how to see and appreciate the positive in what they do without the constant need of others telling them.
  • 8. You appreciate more and don’t take it for granted - Those happy moments that are not always there, teach us to appreciate the good and not to take it for granted as if it will always be a happy day in this world.
  • 9. Another Day May Not Come - The present is time to be happy now. No human being knows what will always happen next.
  • 10. Everything is not meant to be serious and dull - Happy people know how to see the humor and take a giggle even when things mess up.

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